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Default Minolta F200/F100 SUPRE micro!!!

I do not have Minolta F200 or F100. Just translate from www.pchome.net, a chinese forum.
There are super micro pictures at the following links:

The following are several ways to obtain super micro. Not sure it is a bug or hidden setting. Not 100% successful.
Method 1:
1. start camera, turn the wheel to M -> 2. use menu, set to A mode -> 3. use menu, set to Micro mode -> 4. take pictures, and shut off camera -> 5. connect to PC, and transfer -> 6. shut off camera, and plug off usb cable -> 7. turn the wheel to M, and start camera -> 8. now should be at A mode and micro mode (the same settings with that before shutting off the camera). You should see F2.8 and Micro icon. It is super micro.

Method 2:
1. turn the wheel to M -> 2. set to Micro -> 3. connect to usb cable -> 4. do not plug off usb cable, and shut off camera -> 5. plug off usb cable, start camera, and turn to M. OK

Method 3:
1. turn the wheel to M -> 2. set to Micro -> 3. shut off camera -> 4. connect to usb cable, and turn to M -> 5. shut off camera -> 6. start camera, and turn to M. OK
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Default Why bother?

The F100/F300 standard macro:
Full telephoto(114mm equivalent)
15mm from front of lens
Area covered:1.25 x 1.65 in

The 'Super macro':
Wide Angle (38mm)
5mm from front of lens
Area covered: 1.25x1.65 in
Depth of field - same as in standard macro (same subject size means same DOF)

You don't gain any magnification from this, and it is harder to get enough light on your subject. (the extra distance from subject allowed by macro at max telephoto makes it easier to light the subject)

Given the choice between these two macros, I would choose the standard macro every time.

One of the reasons I like the Minolta cameras for macros is that they are designed to take macros at the telephoto end of the zoom, giving you the distance you need to properly light the subject.
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That's an interesting point about the macro function being at the end of the zoom as an advantage since it allows more light on the subject.

I never really thought of it that way but you are absolutely correct. I outfitted an old HP315 with a Tiffen macro lens fitting and it requires closer distance to the subject and yes, I was frequently blocking the light.
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