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Code51 Oct 7, 2002 12:19 PM

Minolta Flash Basics
I'm considering flash unit for my Dimage 5 but as a beginner, I'm a bit confused by the technical jargon and need advice.

1. Is it correct that I can only use the Minolta 3600 hs(d) or 5600 hs(d) with the Dimage 5 ? If not are there any other recommends ?

2. The 3600 hs(d) quotes a max guide number of 36. My understanding is divide the guide number by the F stop and you get the distance to the subject. The Dimage only goes to f2.8 so am I correct in saying that the max dist I can get is 12.8m ?

3. The tech spec from Minolta mentions power zoom covering 24 to 85mm. In simple terms, what does this mean? The Dimage has a 35mm equivalent zoom of 250mm. How does the focal length affect the flash distance.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

sjms Oct 7, 2002 12:40 PM

support for the strobes in the D5 is limited.

1- they are the only strobes that are supported. this due to syncing issues other mfgrs have promised soon.

2-sounds about right it. but i would not push it.

3- the strobe itself will zoom as you zoom the lens thus narrowing or widening the flash along with focal length of the lens. there are practical limits to which you can in size and design go on the strobe. the strobe will still cover the area of the 250 covers with light overspill. it is still limited in distance by output. also at 250 i believe the d5 has an aperture limit of f3.5. that would affect the distance also

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