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I have been offerd a G400 new never used , I know minolta have a new line of cameras now but the G500 was well liked by JIM on here, He had a konica 510 i recall but there was a guy who gave a lot of info arguing with jim in a friendly sort of way on the merits of the two models ,I had a Konica 510 and a Minolta 600 as well , But the minolta 600 had a lens error , the 510 konica had a problem with the sliding lens cover scratching the body underneath , so both had to go , still like this style of minolta camera so want to try this G 400 offerd , BUT need to find out if its got the sort of problems mentioned with the G 500 and Konica 510 i had last year .So if any kind person can advise on the G400 be much obliged .
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I had one for a short while & loved it! It's a great "quick, grab the shot camera" with very fast startup times & focus. It even took decent indoors shots in a restaurant using available light only.
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Thank you for your input . Can you tell me if like my konica 510 did , the sliding cover sratches the metel underneath near the lens, thanks .
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I just noticed this post. I don't have any problem with any scratches under my cover with the Konica KD-510z (a.k.a., Minolta G500).

Although, I have seen this issue reported from owners of the KD-420Z (Minolta G400), which is a smaller (and different) body style.

It looks like the cover is riding in two grooves, with the cover spaced enough so that it doesn't scrach the camera surface underneath with my camera. Although, I guess it's possible that there are some manufacturing tolerances here that may have allowed it to be closer with yours (or, perhaps something was assembled incorrectly or the cover was bent).


My Konica KD-510z was intended for sale in the Japanese market. I had mine 2 weeks after it started shipping in Japan (started shippng at the end of June 2003, and I had one by mid-July).

The seller indicated that he had two of these cameras that came from a KM Japan employee he knew (he brought them back to the U.S. with him after a trip to Japan). If the claim is true (and I have no way to validate it), mine may have been carefully adjusted by KM Japan.

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