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Barayolayosa Oct 10, 2004 9:39 AM


First post here!

I've been playing with my new G500 for a while now, but I can't figure out if the camera is capable of taking images in short succession, like every fraction of a second or thereabouts. I know that some cameras can do this, but I don't see whether or not the G500 can..

Can anyone help a newbie out?


KCan Oct 10, 2004 11:51 AM

Looking briefly at the specification, I think that unfortunately, your camera does not offer this mode.

JimC Oct 10, 2004 12:09 PM

Go to Menu, Setup, Custom, and turn everything on (including continuous). Also, make sure to turn Setup, Quick View OFF (so that it doesn't display the last photo taken for longer).

If you hold down your shutter button for multiple photos, you'll be able to get around 1 photo every 1.3 seconds until the memory cards are full with continuous turned on (and I'd leave it that way all the time). If you don't hold down the shutter button, then it will take longer between photos (since the camera must remeter and refocus each time you press the shutter button).

Using flash will also increase times (since the flash must recharge between photos, with recharge times increasing as your distance from your subject gets further away).

With everything turned on under the Setup, Custom Menu, you will also get this with your controller keys:

* Left: switches focus and self timer modes (autofocus, landscape, macro, self timer, 1m, 2m, 4m, etc.)

* Right: switches between different flash modes

* Up: allows you to set Exposure Compensation

* Down: allows you to change White Balance Settings.

With everything turned on, you will alsohave Autoexposure Lock with a half press of the shutter and a press of the up arrow; or Autofocus lock with a half press of the shutter and a press of the left arrow. This will reduce the time it needs between photos if you use these features (since it won't need to refocus or remeter for several shots in the same conditions). Using the zoom keys will automatically disable these. When enabled, you'll see an AE lock, or AF lock icon in your display.

Using the AF lock will virtually eliminate Autofocus Lag (as will using a fixed focus choice instead). I use the 2 Meter choice a lot indoors, since this choice usually has everything acceptably sharp within the flash range if you don't use zoom (and you'll get better flash range at the wide angle position, since the lens losing light as more zoom is used).

BTW, if you have not upgraded your firmware yet, I'd upgrade to version 3.38a.

This firmware version offers several improvements (some documented, some not):
[*]Auto ISO now correctly reports ISO 50 in the EXIF when flash is forced off, and ISO 100 when flash is used. This is an undocumented fix. [/*]

[*]Last Fixed Focus Choice used is now retained when powering off the camera. In the past, the camera went back to autofocus mode upon powerup (although most other settings were retained). [/*]

[*]Dramatically Faster Transfer Times Via USB (this is an undocumented fix) [/*]

[*]Support for Memory Stick Pro [/*]

[*]A focus confirmation beep (although it's barely noticeable).[/*]
You'll find the G500 Version 3.38A Firmware Upgrade Links here:

Barayolayosa Oct 10, 2004 5:25 PM

Wow... excellent post, JimC.... I'm going to go and look into the firmware upgrade now.

Thanks very much!

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