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Thanks again Hkoyuncu, have sent my e-mail address and look forward to your vacation shots. The light must be great in Turkey compared to UK but how does everyone cope with Sun on the back LCD. How does the S414 check out in this respect? and is it worth buying a screen hood that the mags advertise?

Whittonj, is the 404 3 meg? I have never seen one anywhere.

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The sun was a bit of a challenge this weekend with the LCD (I was on the Aegean Cost of Turkey where it is already summer and outdoors a lot. Lots of sun!!). Still I managed to be able to get a good view there using my left hand as a shade (and ditching the sunglasses). I do not think I'd ever get the hood. I do not expect to be filming anywhere brighter than this.....
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Andy- the 404 is the same camera as the 414- just a bit older. 4mp, 4x zoom- same body, etc. It didn't have the sRGB colorspace- used the old Minolta color space so you had to use Divu spftware to convert. A little slower too I think-- 414 was just some slight tweaks to the 404.

I thought Minolta was being good and naming their cameras like Ferrari used to name their cars( where the numbers mean something): the Minolta S304 is 3.0 MP with 4x zoom, 203 would be 2.0MP with 3x zoom, 414 should be 4.1MP with 4x zoom... I don't know if that still holds up.
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