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Default Minolta S414 or Olympus C-4000?

My Background: This will be my first digital camera. I've used them briefly for work, but otherwise limited experience. I will be using the camera probably for a lot of things but I think my larger printed pictures will be mostly outdoor scenic ones... guessing.

Why these 2 cameras? I've narrowed down to these 2 cameras based on quality and price. Quality being 4 megapixel cameras with optical zoom with descent reviews and user satisfication. The Minolta can be had for $40 dollars less than the Olympus so I was leaning toward the Minolta, but then I noticed the Olympus scored slightly better than the Minolta at Megapixels.net. The Olympus review was done 6 months prior to the Minolta review however, which MAY have made it slightly more forgiving.

Looking for some experts to sway me one way or another.

Thanks in advance,

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Thusfar I'm very satisfied with the imagequality and the load of features find on this camera. The well balanced and capable flash surprised me in a positive way.

My straight out of the camera samples (exept for the rotations) can be find at http://ferry8317.fotopic.net/show_co...n.php?id=35122

It's a mix of HQ and SHQ jpeg's in the camera's highest resolution setting. The HQ jpeg's generate a filesize of about 700 kb, the SHG setting generates about 1700 kb for each image taken.
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I have the Minolta 404 and a friend has the Oly4000- unfortunately I haven't used his that much.

Pretty much the only comparisons we've made and these aren't very scientific:

S404 seems faster in continuous shooting mode (not really sure if that's true)
The 4000 seems better (less noise and better pictures) at night/low light: overall the 4000 seems to have less grain/noise, but in some situation didn't seem as sharp as the 404.
404- better zoom (one of it's obvious strong points since everyone seems to throw the standard 3x lens on every camera).

How much more expensive is say a Oly 750? - A 10x zoom would make my decision easier.

Basically I'm very happy with my 404, but with limited exposure to the 4000, I can't say for sure.
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I've owned and used the S404 for over a year and taken 9000 pictures. Been very satisfied. You can find samples at


I also agree with WhittonJ.

There are some minor irritations about the camera. I've found in every digital I've used.

Poorly designed on/off switch
Poor location of the socket for a tripod
The 35.5 mm size for addition of add-on lens is non-standard and offers fewer possibilities without purchase of an extra adapter.

None of these really affect image quality. In using other digital cameras I've also found minor irritations with them. So choose wisely if you're easily irritated.
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