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Histocasa Apr 24, 2003 9:49 AM

Minolta XT - WHEN in the Netherlands!?!?!??!
....or shall i buy the Pentax Optio S?
I can't wait! Who can help me (with buying and choosing)?

Lauren Apr 24, 2003 9:24 PM

If you are dead set on one of these two, get the Pentax.

Have you looked at the Casio as well? Same form factor as the Pentax. I don't know which is cheaper where you are, though.

The reason I recommend against the Minolta is that the zoom is SLOW. It is noticeably slower than any other digital camera I've handled. It's nice that the zoom is all done inside the machine with no lens poking out, but holy cow it is slow.

Personally I'd go with the Casio, this is their third generation 'lifestyle' digital camera, so they must know something about what they are doing.

Histocasa Apr 26, 2003 3:34 AM

You mean the: Casio Exilim EX-Z3?

Lauren Apr 26, 2003 7:39 PM

That sounds right. Their other cams don't have an optical zoom, only the latest does.

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