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Default Minolta Z1 focus has lost its sharpness !

Hi !!

One day I turned on my Z1 without taking the lens cap off, and well the chord attached to the lens cap was wound around the camera strap.....as I turned the camera on, the lens cap basically held the zoom lens from extending and the zoom lens made a 'whirring' sound as it couldn't force itself to open, and after a few seconds, the camera lens retracted into the camera body and swithced off !!

I was worried and this time made sure the camera lens was off and turned on the camera and it openned ok, but i feared the zoom lens mechanism might have been damaged or decalibrated etc.......maybe these cameras are strong, but either I started to go paranoid and pay too much attention to my photos, or there is a loss of sharpness despite putting the camera to test lately, because I seem to think i cannot get a crisp sharp image as I used to !!!!!

It is starting to bug me and I would like to ask experts out there or anyone who can help, if it's possible to decalibrate or damage a zoom lens' capability to focus properly if a camera undergoes what mine did, or gets a slight knock !!!!

Please len me know as I seem to think photos seem grainier as they seem out of focus..and i have to sharpen them in Photoshop now !!!! Who knows, maybe I am seeing too much into things !?!?!

pease help, I don't know what to do !!!! or think !



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Wow. That's a strange one. I suppose it could happen. It should be fairly easy to check to see if you did move yours out of focus. Here's what I would do: Take your camera outside in bright, sunny daylight. Put it on a tripod to eliminate any shake on your part. Set the camera to Auto and take 3 or 4 shots at a well lit, stationary object. One at full wide angle, one at about half zoom, and one at full optical zoom. If the shots are clear, you're okay. If they're fuzzy, you may have damaged something.
I'm at work now, but when I get home later I plan to check the length of the string on my Z1 lens cap. I'm thinking that there is enough slack on mine so that it wouldn't draw tight even at full zoom. I'm not sure.
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Hi !

thanks for that, maybe i am being paranoid, and have to take some serious test photos like you mentioned, and will do.
The weather's been grim these days so I will hope tomorrow is fine.

I will do these tests and possible post my finds on this forum, and let you lot decide if i am not happy too......but maybe some of you guys could do some tests and so I can download and compare them.

Sometimes the best are portrait photos because the sharpness and image detail is revealed accurately when observing a subject from eyes, to skin texture to how the light reflects off skin.

I did some test shots right now, my own tests, and it seems ok, but I can't help thinking other shots were odd.

maybe it's my pessimistic thinking means I can't gt the fear out of my head, but I best make sure.

As fare as the string on the lesns cap is concerned, it's not too short on my camera, it's just that at the time it got coiled around the camera strap, thus being 'shorter' than it is when free, an well it held the lens back with a (uncomfortable to listen to), whirring crunchy noise, as the cogs of the extending zoom must have been stopped or crunched on themselves,.....not sure, which was which, but it made a sound. Maybe they have security failsafe measures to retract themselves in this event, just incase something happens as did to me, because i tend to turn on the camera with thelens cap on, ready for photos but protected until I need to actually take the lens cap off......dust can build up !!!

which leads me to another thing.....are there any UV lens protectors for the Z1, because cleaning lenses doesn't actually do much good for the coating they have, and will eventually rub off in time, and well scratches could even occur if one isn't careful....surely a lens filter can be bought !?!?!...come on Minolta....and what's happened to the firmware upgrade which was meant to happen.....I can't find one....is there one or is it alll hearsay !?

any information and links are most welcome as any searches I have done have been useless.


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There is a Minolta ZCA-100 Lens Adapter (52mm) for the Z1.
Then you can add on to that any appropriate 52mm filters you want.

There is also a Minolta wide angle lens that fits too.

What I am trying to find out is if the new tele-converter
lens that Minolta just released can be used with the Z1
as well.


Forgot: They are available at B&H Photo:

Just search for ZCA-100
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Hi again !

thanks alot for the lens adapter advice.....will get one, but i have noticed that the wide angle lens for the Z1 which has a lens adapter with it included, is the same one you speak of !?

I could buy the wide angle lens as it is cool to use, and will then have the adapter for use with a UV filter !!!

Do you reckon it's better value to buy this lens adapter separately and then maybe buy a wide angle lens of a different make, which may be as good or better than the one Minolta have made for the Z1, but at a cheaper price, or do you reckon i might aswel get the adapter as part of the wide angle lens kit they offr, and so will have a decent wide angle lens, and adapter for use with a UV lens !?

I ask because if I buy the adapter separately, I will probably get myself a wide angle eventually, etc, and so was wondering which is the most cost effective path....tahnsk very much indeed for your help, both of you.....it's a polite and great forum......thanks alot

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Yes, It's the same adapter. The wide-angle, as you say, is a kit
containing the lens and the adapter. The wide angle lens
won't fit on the camera without the adapter. So they sell
it together as a kit.

And, sure, you can use just the adapter to utilize filters,

They just started selling the adapters separately recently.
I guess they got a lot of feedback saying people didn't
want to buy the kit just to get the adapter to use, like you,
with a UV filter, or whatever. So now the adapter is available

As to which would be better, the Minolta wide-angle kit, or
just the adapter and another brand wide-angle lens, that
I can't answer. I gather using the Minolta one would be,
as it was specifically designed for the camera, but others
may disagree.

Hopefully, others will respond to your question.

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