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ian from the uk Oct 16, 2003 7:16 AM

minolta Z1 or olympus c750 UZ
i am looking to replace my SLR gear and have come down to a choice between these two cameras, but which one?

the Z1 is cheaper but im worried about the purple haze (sorry jimi!) mentioned on some web sites

here in the UK the olympus seems to be hard to get hold of and reviews talk about slow Af compared to the minolta

any input would be welcome

foffodc Oct 16, 2003 8:16 AM

Check at A swedish site with a test of a lot of cameras. Compare the zoomed pictures. Fuji 5000, Minolta Z1, Olympus c740-C750 etc. You will notice that on large zoom it's impossible to avoid PF or CA (quite the same). Only very expensive SLR tele is free from this problem. You can find Z1 very "plastic" and C750 very little. Compare the pictures but You can never be shure that they are unretouched in some way.

blackthorn Oct 16, 2003 11:31 AM

Ian I have already posted this on another thread but for your benefit

If you want to see some of my images taken with the Z1

Images Taken with the Olympus C-750

BTW there are plenty of stocks on the C-750 in the UK check out pricerunner.

Kevin (Also in the UK)

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