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Kilbride wrote:
For videos also I use Rad Video Tools another free download to convert the mov format to avi format and fix the sound lag.Studio 8 can not use mov format files.

I downloaded Rad tools as soon as I got my camera, since QT isn't running right on my computer - then I found outit uses the QT codecs behind the scenes anyway, so I still wound up with no sound and a very jerky picture in AVI.

Then I brought the SD card into the office and ran it on my desktop there. QT played amazingly well (I must find out what is wrong at home) but the Rad conversion which I did (Fresh one at office) was still somewhat jerky. I don't have a problem using converters if they work properly, as I already do a lot of video work with Huffy and other freeware codecs, but I don't know why this highly acclaimed software has it in for me.

The Video Impressions software from Arcsoft runs fine on my office computer, but I guess it also uses QT in the background. I have to experiment more with that to see if it gives me playable DVD end products. Does anyone know if VI also has the sound synch problem? Right now I'd be happy to get any sound at all on my home system. (I don't know too much about QT at this point, but I understand there are some customization tweaks that might be required). Other than that, I need to know if 32x cards are going to be fast enough, or whether to pay more and get 60x.
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