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ZWunner Apr 21, 2004 6:19 PM

Greetz, everyone. Newbie here....and newbie to digital photography. What a great forum! Thanks to all who pass on their knowledge.

So, here's my problem: I've had a Z1 for a couple of months and all I've ever had to do was point and shoot. The results made me look like a real pro.

But alas! I think something happened to my camera when I was trying to focus on the moon with Venus near a couple of weeks ago. It wouldn't focus at 10X + full digital, no matter how still the camera was. Yes, the pix were blurry, undefined and the light images were travelling all over the 'negative.'

The next day (and ever since) the viewfinder image and LCD image of any picture I want to take is very high contrast, with a preponderance of white-out.

Did I burn something out while trying to take the moon/Venus shot? Any help will be appreciated. I've fiddled with every button and switch on the camera in an attempt to get a normal, non-super-contrasting view, but to no avail.

Thank you very much. -- Best wishes from New Mexico. -- ZWunner

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