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Sorry to hear of your problems. Also sounds to me like you have the camera set to continuous focus. I also have an A200 and have shot about 1000 images with very few problems. Poor light focussing can be slow but for me it generally gets there.

One focus issue I have found is that trying to focus on an object smaller than the spot rectangle (even same size if using flex) is difficult if its surrounded by a lot of high contrast (my example, a black squirrel with thin tree branches in the background). Even with the cross in the centre of the squirrel it always focussed on the branches behind. I concluded that this was because the cross has the same vision area as the spot rectangle and the squirrel filled only part of this. Behind the squirrel, the high contrast branches were still in the focus rectangle. The squirrel is of coarse furry which is low contrast anyway. Once I realised this, it was clear it was a pretty impossible situation to focus, and so flexing on to an adjacent thick branch fixed the problem.

There are some cases where manual is the best choice too. I use this when photographing the chiildren as they keep moving around in the focus frame! If you can setaround F5, then you get a pretty good depth of field. This is also my solution for very dark party shots. Seems to work fine.

Generally, I've really had few problems. Hopefully, yours is a s simple as continuous focus.
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janniklindquist wrote:
It seems to me that you have your camera set to continous auto-focus. If so, then try to switch to single-picture auto-focus and see what happens (using the focus-button on the side of the camera).

Another possibilty: Perhaps you have Full Time AF turned on?
aha, thats a good tip! i had FullTime AF turned OFF and thought that that was that, however as you point out the AF/M button on the side has THREE options, MF, AFC and ... normal(?). i notice that i hit the shift and AF/M button on accident quite a lot, however when i really WANT to use shift to change shutter speed i find myself struggling to feel the button, forget about it when you're wearing gloves!

anyways, i'm going to assume thats the problem as i can't reproduce the problem at the moment, seems to happen when it's hard to focus and i'm using upwards of a 0,5" shutter speed...

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