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Default New flash adapters for standard flashes available.

ok, there are 3 versions available

version 1 (unmodified version)

this adapter does not have a circuit isolation. it only allows the use of modern standard flash with trigger voltage below 5-6v. It works for some flashes but NOT all. eg it works with my ring flash, canon 430ez, Minolta 360PX, etc but NOT my Vivitar 2800 flash. To sum up, this is nearly the Minolta FS1100 (current price on Adorama is $26.95) equivalent. But the FS1100 retains the zoom function for some of the dedicated Maxxum Flash. But this adapter provides you a PC sync port as well. This is what FS1100 is lacking. Some flashes (like my ring flash) only have a pc sync interface. In this case, this is going to be important.

Version 2 (with built-in circuit isolation)

Picture the same as the unmodified version. It has built-in circuit isolation for flash with trigger voltage below 400v. It RUNS on 3v CR2032 Li BATTERY. With this modification, the voltage of the flash is isolated from the camera, preventing any potential damaging effect of the high voltage of (non-standard) flash. It also removes the voltage mismatch between the flash and the minolta hot-shoe (the flash won't fire in case of mismatch). so potentially it will works for all flash. To sum up, this the minolta pct-100 (currently $89.95 on Adorama)equivalent but it provides mechanical support for the flash as well. so you don't need to use a bracket to the mount your flash.

Version 3 (hot-shoe with PC sync cord)

you can use ANY standard flash (with voltage below 400v, from minolta D7Hi faq)on D7Hi and A1 and other Minolta SLR with PC sync port. What you need is just connect the pc sync cord to the pc sync port on the camera and mount your flash on the adapter. To prevent possible interference between the pc sync port and the hot shoe on the camera, the standard hot shoe is NOT in contact with the minolta hot shoe now.

To see more pictures of the adapter and what a cheap standard auto flash can do, please go to here


if you feel interested to get one, please email me.

Dimage Z1 is not supported.
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