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Abadon Jan 21, 2005 8:27 AM

5 Mpixels
2 inch TFT

and more here:


ir Jan 21, 2005 12:08 PM

Does it have an autofocus assist lamp, or has KM decided to continue ignoring this simple device in the Z series? I have checked quickly and found no reference to an AF assist lamp. Also, it would be nice to have a 5MP cam with a larger sensor (1/1.8" perhaps)to possibly reduce noise (although I realize this would likely make the camera/lens less compact). I'll wait for the reviews, but until then, with possible pricing aside, is there anything about this camera that might make one choose it over, say, the Panasonic FZ20? I really want to like some of these cams, but noise is an issue for me, as is not having an AF assist lamp.


KM_krazy Jan 21, 2005 4:49 PM


CHUD Jan 21, 2005 8:35 PM

It sounds as though it has everything I could want in a digital camera. So I am sure they sat down and said "What can we leave out so this thing can be close to perfect, but not perfect?" And thus the AF-Assist Lamp was left out. No other Z-series camera has one, and I am sure this one doesn't either.

I am just holding out for the PMA hoping beyond hope that someone announces a camera that does have everything I want.

ttretas Jan 22, 2005 1:02 PM

IT seems that the AF ligth was left out again. But even worse than that is the min shutter speed, 4 seconds????

KM_krazy Jan 22, 2005 1:40 PM

4 seconds??? woah. I don't really see WHY it has to have the focus assist lamp. . .all the KM cameras seem to do fine without them. And it would only take up space, and add cost to it. You can just use something like the 3600 flash (which has the focus assist lamp on it)

ir Jan 22, 2005 3:09 PM

I agree, 4 seconds isn't very long. Another negative. I, too, continue to hold out for a cam that has the right combo of features, but it's getting a bit frustrating.

As for the AF assist lamp, they definitely come in handy. I've used my cam to take pics outdoors on moonless nights or in dimly lit interiors. Mostly these have been social situations, parties and what not, so I'm not going for high art, but it's nice to be able to grab some shots of friends in conditions of almost no light. I think a cam without an AF assist lamp would be pretty useless in these situations, and the hundreds of such pics I have would not have been possible. As for external flash units, they do cost extra $$ and who wants to lug one around at a beach party?? AF assist lamps are simple devices, and I think the modest cost of having one is well worth it. I have no idea why some manufacturers simply refuse to put them in.


KM_krazy Jan 24, 2005 12:03 AM

correction on the shutter speed. its 15 seconds
4 seconds on shutter pri.
here is the link

steve Jan 24, 2005 12:22 AM

We have the full press release and specifications posted here:

Wavshrdr Jan 24, 2005 11:23 AM

Why still no AF light? Can't they make a faster lens at the end of the zoom? No compelling reason to sell myZ3. I wish it had a bigger CCD along with the 5MP as I too have the noise issue in low light conditions.

No camera is perfect (yet) but this didn't improve that much over the Z3. A few times the extra pixels might have come in handy but not that often. I still need a portable ultra-zoom camera and few are this small with such a good zoom though I do wish it was faster like the Panasonic.

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