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View Poll Results: New Z1 or used D7?
used D7 5 62.50%
new Z1 3 37.50%
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Old Jan 8, 2004, 1:44 PM   #1
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Default New Z1 or used D7? (or D7i)

I have a dilemma in that I could purchase a new Z1, or a used D7 with upgraded firmware from ebay for roughly the same price ($350ish). Does anyone have any comments on differences between the two cameras? I shoot a lot indoors, so autofocusing in moderate light is important (I don't need it to be blazingly fast though I would like for it to focus eventually). Is one or the other better at autofocusing in moderate light? What I've read here indicates that both cameras have issues with this. If the D7 is roughly the same as the Z1 when it comes to autofocusing, is the manual focus actually usable or is it still hard to tell whether things are in focus (like the Z1, which has manual focus but in my experience is awkward to focus with). How is the reliability of the D7? Do they tend to be sturdy, or do they tend to die within a few years?
I don't mind futzing around with a few manual controls, on my film SLR (Maxxum 400si) I spend most of my time in aperture priority mode anyway. Will this level of control give good results or do I need to be in full manual all the time?

Thanks, I appreciate your responses.
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Old Jan 9, 2004, 6:56 AM   #2
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The AF on the D7 is worthless. Manual focus is virtually impossible because the EVF does not have the resolution and magnifying the image is of little help.

I have to use my D7 in manual focus mode (estimate distance to subject and set). Personally, I would avoid the D7, especially if you want any kind of reliable AF. Mine cannot even focus in bright daylight (think noon time tropical sun). Absolutely hopeless. Low light AF performance even worse, if that's possible.

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Old Jan 9, 2004, 9:20 PM   #3
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Default Go for the A1

The 7 and 7i have a small buffer. Shooting in RAW and in the highest JPG setting will freeze up the camera for 30-60 seconds. With the A1 and its large buffer you can shoot shot after shot without delay.
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Old Jan 10, 2004, 5:57 AM   #4
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The 7 and 7i have a small buffer. Shooting in RAW and in the highest JPG setting will freeze up the camera for 30-60 seconds. With the A1 and its large buffer you can shoot shot after shot without delay.
D7(i) has 32MB buffer (small?)
it only takes 10s to save a raw on fast cf card. the lock is less than 10s.
This Poll is for Z1 and USED D7(i)
A1 is far off topic.
Ok, I can tell you many people are very happy with D7 even 3 more new generations have appeared. The focus is fine if you know how to use it properly. It is not a point and shoot camera. the learn curve is steep. you have to know this.
Between D7 and D7i, if you won't try IR photography, then buy a D7i. D7i consumes half the power of D7, it support wireless flash, it support audio recording with video.
D7's build quality is far better than Z1. more control.
you better ask your question again here
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Old Jan 10, 2004, 6:24 AM   #5
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Default Z1 or D7

I used D7w/upgrade for over 2yrs. without any problems. Focus is not the fastest, and manual focus thru eyefinder takes getting used to, but once you know what to look for it works fine. As long as camera is in good condition, $350 is a good price. Plus D7 is ex. for IR imaging
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Old Jan 10, 2004, 6:32 AM   #6
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nickfanmn & odb are correct, the Z1 has no RAW mode so a used D7 is still a better camera because in jpeg mode there's no wait. The orignal D7's memory like all cameras can only buffer jpeg pictures, but even a RAW picture only takes 12s to save (with a microdrive)!

The other features on the D7 are just like nickfanmn described especially IR photography. All other Dimage's lost this feature, beside the D7 is 5.2Mp and is all metal. The Z1 is only a 3Mp camera and I can't say the same regarding its construction...

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