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mikeyb Mar 24, 2004 6:26 AM

Newbie Minolta Dimage XG owner question
I've just got my Dimage XG and I'm having trouble using it as a webcam. The software supplied comes with a driver for remote PC and that has installed Ok but I cannot see on any of the CD's software for using it as a webcam so how do I use it? Netmeeting is now obsolete so I tried using MSM5 but that doesn't pick up the camera in the drop down menusso that's a non-starter. The supplied software seems to no functions to use it as a webcam, just imaging editing, movie viewing etc. I have a couple of cheapo USB camera and they work fine. Also, if I have a movie made on the XG can I convert to a less propriety format? For example, convert the .MOV format to a .AVI or something?

System: XP pro + SP1 AMD Athlon XP1900 512MB RAM

mikeyb Mar 25, 2004 3:59 AM

I have finally made the remote camera work - basically the intructions do not fully explain the procedure, if you just run the installer/driver app it will not wokr AFAIK, you have to then use the 'Add New Hardware' feature for it to recognize the drivers and even then it doesn't quite follow good programming guidelines - much like the software supplied on the CD - Dimage Viewer or whatever it is seems half finished...optionselection arrows that go to no place, help menu's that don't work. Rant over. :)

Japair Mar 29, 2004 4:00 AM


Im also the proud owner of a brand spankin new Xg!

Im Running XP Pro & MS Messenger 6.1 & it works a dream

Did u plug in the camera before installing the drivers? Cause ive had problems like that, funnyly(sp?) enough with cheapo webcams!

1234567890 Apr 3, 2004 2:37 AM

Please give me your impressions of this camera
I just bought mine from ebay :D , haven't received it yet. I have done some research about this camera. But the reviews are kind of limited and I'm more interested in the real life application of this camera. Especially the biggest question that I have is that if this camera can handle low lighting pretty well. I think many people review the minolta xt(the previous model) badly for its powerless flash(underexposed photos) and slow shutter speed(blurry pictures) used in low light situation. And some also complain the long lag between the time the shutter release is pressed and when it actually take the picture, especially if using Flash. How about the night preprogrammed feature
I really hope Minolta doesn't just sell the same camera using a different name :roll:

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