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dazil Dec 19, 2004 1:15 PM

Hi.. newbie here. I just purchased the Dimage Z3, in anticpation of the zoom and anti-shake features.

The Camera-shake warning indicator appears quite frequently when using the camera in many situations, and I was wondering if this is normal. In some lower light situations (eg. outdoors at dawn), shots turn out blurry (even when mounted on a tripod). Is this normal too?

This may sound silly, but I was wondering how I can tell if the anti-shake feature is actually working properly. Of course, the indicator shows on the display to say that I have the option enabled, however I am not sure how to tell when it is assisting.

All of my testing so far has been using the camera's automatic mode. Do my questions make sense? I want to make sure that my camera isn't flaky.

FYI, my first few pics are posted at



sensovision Dec 19, 2004 2:33 PM

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Hi dazil! AntiShake was the first feature I've check when got the camera, since there no pictures left from this test I've make quick sample for you, I've shoot the candle which is around 4-5 meters from me, both pictures were taken with shutter speed 1/4 and left one was with enabled AS and right with disabled, you can judge about result yourself.
Actually there are pretty much cases when AS help you, just try to focus in telephoto position in the low light condition, peronsally I failed all the time if AS is disabled, but with AS on it's really easy.
BTW I don't use Auto mode at all, maybe it cause your pictures to become blurry, e.g. by using constant focusing(which sometimes may not work in low light), better try to take few pictures in manual mode with enabled and disabled AS and see these shots would looke like.
Hope this would help you out and hope that your new camera isn't faulty.

sensovision Dec 19, 2004 2:34 PM

BTW forgot to tell that there are some really nice pics in your gallery, was they made with Z3?

dazil Dec 19, 2004 2:57 PM

Hi there,

Thanks for the quick response.. I appreciate the info. I will do some testing and let you know how I make out..

The pics in the specific gallery I linked to were taken this morning using the Z3. All other pics were taken with a Canon A40.

Thanks again,


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