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I have recently purchased Z2 (DIMAGE) and facing issues in night snaps.

I am using Tripod (so snaps are not blurred now :-)), but the focus is not so good.

Taking snaps on P Mode (Program i presume), with ISO 100 settings. Issues are happening in case when there is not much light. Lets say I am taking snap from top of the building.

Pls suggest how to improve the quality of the snaps..


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Even dslrs have trouble with AF in low-light. If you have good eyesight you can go MF or you can use one of those cheap laser pointersas an AF asist lamp(there are also lamps you can buy as an attachment). This was discussed here several months ago (try searching the forum).


Dimage Z3

Pentax *istDs
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Also have a Z2, and I've discovered two "tricks" for low-ligth (and not low-light...) focusing:

First, use the "multi zone" focus instead of the "single zone" focus mode. In low light I've tested that in more than 50% times that "multi zone" can focus, "single zone" can not. However, there will be times when "multi zone" wouldn't focus at all, but in the case of room lighting, if you use "single zone" focus and that doesn't works, try "multi zone".

The second one is not only for low-light. A lot of times I noticed that autofocus was not achieved even when the image (or the focus zone) was had a good contrast and good light. With time I noted that these last situations have in common that contrast was horizontal, and not vertical. I'll explain: I ended to make the test of focusing over a subject with a lot of parallel lines in one direction, say a side-sight book.

If I turn the camera 90 degrees lef or right (so the camera is vertical positioned), I can focus on the side of the book, plenty of "vertical" contrast as seen from the camera's point-of-view (as it is turned 90 degrees). So this is the image:

The white-coloured zone represents the focus area in spot focus mode (as it was taken the photo).

Now if I turn the camera 90 degrees to the other direction (so it's horizontal positioned, the "normal" one), I try to focus in the same point as before but now the camera can not, because there isn't any "vertical contrast", although plenty of "horizontal contrast". So no focus is fixed and the picture is this:

I've used the white-coloured rectangle to represent the focus zone (in spot focus mode, as before).

So the solution to get the "panorama" photo, is to prefocus with the camera in vertical position, and then get back to the horizontal one and take the photo:

Note that the white-coloured zone representing the focus area, is now "vertical" as a result of the rotation of the camera between focus and photo.

Sorry about my poor english, that does not allow me to explain as I'd like. However, I think that the important thing can be understood. I woul like to remark the fact that all three photos are real (except for the white-coloured rectangle and resize done in PS), and that they've been taken as I've told. I think that you can try yourself and see if taht works: it does with my KM Z2, and also with my Canon S1 (also tested).

Best regards.
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Hi Amalgupta,

I own a Z1 that has the same problem. I discovered that Minolta says somthing about focussing issues in the manual cd-rom.

They say something like: "In low contrast situations the camera can't focus."

The solution I use is focussing on something with rich contrast, then turning back to the original subject with the release button pressed half-way. The camera stays focussed so you can take the shot.

Hope this work-around helps...

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