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Steve Z Oct 31, 2002 8:46 PM

I printed out some 8 x 10's,shots I took with the 7Hi. The noise was unreal. Very discouraging. Took this particular shot in Extra Fine Mode. Iso automatic. Auto White balance. Built in flash. No Photoshop enhancement.
See for yourself, especially the girl's arms

sjms Nov 1, 2002 12:24 AM

show me noise. taken with 3 different generations of the 7 series

NHL Nov 1, 2002 12:38 AM

Steve Z

Give us your original shots. You must have done something wrong either in the sizing or something! The post pictures doesn't give us any clue of what you did... You must be trying real hard to find those noises.

I mean you almost have to magnify those shots to see any details, no wonder you can see noise @ those magnification!

sjms Nov 1, 2002 12:43 AM


there is something going on here or we're both going blind. plus the fact he puts up these wallet shots to look at. the low res shots i just put up above are bigger.

NHL Nov 1, 2002 12:45 AM


Either that or it's real hard to tell from 30kB files!!! I see a lot of pixels @ 300% :lol:

It could be his monitor...

Steve Z

This is no-way 8x10 shots, are you confusing noise vs pixelization? Theses are 3.14x4.5 and 4.694x6.25 @ only several hundred pixels WxH!

fotograafdigi Nov 1, 2002 7:03 AM

The only noise I see is in the forum (all those 'noise' msgs). :lol:

Hmmmm. Just this morning I was praised for 2 excellent prints (12" x 16") which I also particularly like. :D

Both are portraits (frame-filling headshots), so heaps of details (hairs, eyelashes etc), heaps of 'skin' area (where noise shows 'most'). :!:

Yes, some P.S. work was done to make them look excellent at that size. (without the p.s. work, they'd be 'good', now they are excellent). 8)

Anyhow, there's talk in his message about both 8x10" and then links to web-sized images........ 1st, the websize images are too smal to judge anything. 2nd, there is no comparing screen to print. Third: results vary with printing services. :?

Anyhow, I must admit that recently the quality of the images produced by my 7i have improved dramatically. Since i've finaly got the hang of setting the camera's sharpness, contrast, color, etc. appropriate for each situation. Especially setting sharpness to'soft', and keeping a keen eye on the contrast setting is essential in getting good 'clean' (as far as possible with a small 5mp sensor) images.

:idea: Another possible solution for those screaming "noise" is to stop whining that you arent capable of producing great images while others do using the same camara, and get yourself another one which you like better. :wink:

Klaus DK Nov 1, 2002 7:21 AM

Well, maybe you and the "screaming noise crowd" doesn't demand the same kind of quality. Could that be ?

NHL Nov 1, 2002 8:23 AM


I agree with fotograafdigi. It all started by some moron over the dpReview pushing his 'agenda' and now become godspel, and will stay with the D7's forever. One just have to live with the unfounded batteries hogs and noise's wife tales associated with theses cameras, that's all... Noises for some could be textures/details for others, which is it?

There's already plenty of Minolta user groups and websites proving the originator wrong. BTW Theses are all well learned, and technically able individuals so they can't be all wrong over one individual, but there's always strong rumours that people can spread around to put down another excellent camera over the one that they prefer.

All theses cameras have the same CCD's for christsake!!! Shoot in raw then they should be all the same... One poster put it right a while ago. Theses are just like cats & dogs they are all good pets, get the one you like and stop all this non-sense :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

fotograafdigi Nov 1, 2002 8:49 AM


Originally Posted by Klaus DK
Well, maybe you and the "screaming noise crowd" doesn't demand the same kind of quality. Could that be ?

Yes, that could be. And the noise is (debatable) higher then other 5mp camera's using the same CCD.


- This leaves more detail to be extracted if needed.
- Postprocessing can still turn the image to the level of what other camera's produce.
- I might not 'demand the same quality' but I know my customers do have a high quality standard. They dont care if it's taken with a 1mp p&s camera or a 4x5" view camera. They judge what they see.

b.t.w. you can't 'demand' quality from a camera. You need to operate it properly to get it, adjust your 'quality' standard, or get other equipment.

Whining in a yes-no-yes-no debate in a forum will not improve quality anyway.

But to speak in your 'terms': if I do need the quality that 'I demand', I dont whine, instead I assemble a Arca Swiss 4x5" view camera, shoot, scan, and make a 48000 x 38400 48bit scan ( :shock: ) of the slide.

If anybody is not satisfied with their equipment, so be it. Get rid of it, get other stuff.

I was not happy with my 28-80 zoom for my 35mm. Did I scream in 20 forums? No. Did I just sell it and got something better? Yes.

There's only 1 response (IMHO) to someone who says:

"I bought a D7 but I dont like it because there's to much noise".

Answer: "Thats really bumb. Buying such an expensive article without trying it and confirming it meets your needs :roll: "

:lol: :lol: Maybe he's talking about the shutter noise? No wonder we can't see it in his images. Maybe someone tell him the volume is adjustable :lol: :lol:

Klaus DK Nov 1, 2002 10:22 AM

Oh sorry, I meant it in a friendly way!

The pics I've seen around the net - shot with 7i and up do not show any "noise". And I mostly believe what I see...

I think the most terrible thing about the 7hi is it's viewfinder. But then again I have only the CP5700 viewfinder to compare with.

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