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KM_A200 Feb 3, 2006 6:58 AM

I have a few questions;

First, I recorded a movie in auto mode and the camera made a lot of noise, which was recorded on the film. I found this to be very annoying. Then I recorded a movie with manual focus, with mf there was hardly any noise. Is it correct that it was the autofocus that made the noise and that movies should therefore be shot with manual focus?

Second question, there is a "dead" pixel on the lcd, it does not appear on the pictures but it is a bit annoying. Is this a common thing? Is it something that can appear after a while or is it something that if it is there its there from the beginning?

I might try to return the camera, to get one without the dot on the lcd.

stk Feb 3, 2006 1:24 PM

Hi KM_A200

Yes the noise with auto focus is quite normal. I always use manual focus which I find more predictable, sometimes at long telephoto the focus hunts in low light.

You should find the AS does not add any noise. This is agreat feature. The manual zoom is great too. This is silent and a lot of cameras will not allow zoom changing when in video because of motor noise.

Note that on the Ax cameras, there is normally a slight error between sound and video, the sound being delayed a little bit. This is quite well documented on the forums. there is a program called MP4CAM2AVI which can be simply used to resynch the tracks and also converts to AVI if thats useful for you.

The dead pixel on the display does sometimes occur. Its worth a try to see if it can be exchanged.



E.T Feb 3, 2006 1:49 PM

Autofocus would cause slight continous sound if it's contantly focussing, I don't know how much that should leak to microphone.
Was sound there when taking video using autofocus but so that focusing would stay static?
Also if it comes from focusing system it should be still there when you use manual focus, focusing ring just uses focusing motor through "fly-by-wire" system.

I myself have A2 and haven't noticed any focusing sounds, but I've used video only once... under strong thunderstorm so rain's sound could have covered it.
There's some physical differences between A2 and A200, first in material (magnesium alloy vs. plastic) and in A2 microphone is on top of camera near right edge of grip instead of more towards center of top (those small holes mean place of it) but I'm not sure how big difference it could cause... could be surprising big, basing to what I've experimented with PC's cooling.

BTW, button zoom cameras with ability to use zoom while taking video are extremely rare because zoom motor's sound would definitely leak through badly.

Considerind LCDs/TFTs those dead pixels, or stuck pixels like in this case (dead pixel shows as black, stuck is permanently bright), aren't sign of breaking up.
Most of those appear immediately in manufacturing process which causes discarding of TFT panel, depending how much there's those and are they how visible.
For example even year ago it was completely normal/generally accepted if computer TFT displays had few dead/stuck pixels, manufacturers defined certain limit for numbers of those and their visibility before it would lead to discarding TFT in factory or to replacing display. Only now manufacturing technology has matured to such level that few makers use zero tolerance for those.
Also single dead/stuck pixels can show up as times goes but that doesn't mean "timer is ticking"... at least untill there's one new such in every hour or so.

KM_A200 Feb 3, 2006 2:01 PM

Thanks for the replies guys :)

STK: what do you mean when you say "You should find the AS does not add any noise", is AS a feature on the A200.

Regarding the pixel, I have contacted the web-shop I bought it from, if its not to much of a hassle I might change it, well see what they say..

Sorry for the newbie questions, I am still reading the manual...

stk Feb 3, 2006 3:07 PM

The noise is from the AF system because it tends to hunt in an out as in video mode the user is moving the camera around a lot and the focus target distance is moving. In manual, the motor only operates when the focus is changed which is not that often and there is no appreciable noise.

Yes, the A200 has excellent Ant-Shake. Its operated by the button with the green hand on it. Try a video with and without, especially at 200mm. There is a real difference. Obviously makes hand held shots easier too. I can take sharp photos at 1/3 sec quite regularly.


KM_A200 Feb 3, 2006 3:30 PM


Yes, the A200 has excellent Ant-Shake.

Oh, anti shake :G Yeah, I use it a lot, I think its a great feature. The anti shake was one of the reasons I chose the A200.

I am thinking about getting a "external" recorder and taping over the mic hole for when I'm shooting movies.

what type of (cheap) decent recorder should I get?

Thanks again,

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