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First, I'll say I typed in lense, lenses, and lensand the search engine returned absolutely NOTHING, even though I looked at one post that had 'lenses' in it, so don't tell me to search!

Now to my question.

I have a 35mm Konica camera with a 35mm lense, the stock 57mm lense, an 80-200mm zoom and a 2x teleconverter.

Is there a digital SLR that can utilize my old Konica lenses??????

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I just typed "lens" in the search box (without the quotes) and got 26,811 matches. :-)

Sometimes, the forums software has a few "quirks" though. So, I don't doubt that it didn't work.

Sorry, but no DSLR models can use lenses for Konica cameras. I don't know if anyone makes an adapter that would let you use them or not. A quick check of adapters at B&H didn't turn up any to let you use them on other camera mounts (although I did find some adapters to do the reverse -- for example, letting you use M42 screw mount lenses on a Konica camera).

But, even if you found an adapter, there are usually some drawbacks to using one like inability to focus to infinity without optical elements, sometimes you lose metering ability (or must meter stop downed), etc.

As you probably know, Konica and Minolta merged to form Konica Minolta a few years back.

Then, Konica Minolta decided to exit the camera business entirely earlier this year.

Sony acquired some of Konica Minolta's assets and introduced a DSLR line (one camera so far) that uses the Minolta AF lens mount. But, I see very little chance of a digital camera ever being introduced that would use Konica's lens mount.

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