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BOsse Oct 4, 2002 11:40 PM

Phil Askey writes about DiMAGE 7i that the EVF has *only* 71.000 pixels.
SteveŽs test says 220.000 pixels as do Minolta themselves. Which is it? What am I missing? /Bo S

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MarkoB Oct 7, 2002 12:43 PM

EVF pixels
There's only one problem: everybody is lying!


If you buy a LCD display offering a resolution of 1280x1024, it will in fact have 1280x1024= 1310720 red LCD elements, 1310720 green LCD elements and 1310720 blue LCD elements. Therefore, there's in total 3x1280x1024 LCD elements, because you'll need three LCD elements, a red, a green and a blue one, for each full color pixel (picture element) you want to display on the monitor.

However, the resolution of the LCD displays used on digital cameras is so poor that nobody wants to tell you the truth. That's why the Japanese manufacturers have invented a new way of counting pixels. They count each color elements separately. That's why a 180,000 pixel digicam LCD display actually has only 60,000 red, 60,000 green and 60,000 blue "pixels".

Now, the problem with Minolta is that Minolta is using different technology. The EVF of the Dimage 7 is based on the Displaytech QVGA color module. The resolution of the display module is only 320x240 = 76800 pixels (a quarter of VGA resolution, hence the name QVGA), but each pixel is capable of full color (24 bit) output. But 77 kpixels sounds pretty lame compared to other manufacturer's 120 or 180 kpixel, so Minolta has to lie, too. According to the weird marketroid logic, the QVGA display is equivalent to a 220,000 pixel conventional digicam LCD display.


Here's a news flash from Dpreview.

Edit: Oops, I forgot to add to the link.

Note that Phil made a small mistake. 400x225 is the resolution of the monochrome (B/W) unit, not the one used on the D7.

I assume the D7i and Hi are using the same display or a slightly modified (faster refresh rate / better colors) version of it.


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BOsse Oct 7, 2002 2:32 PM

Marko! Thank you very much 4 your thorough explanation! IŽll do my very best to understand it! Very impressed by your knowledge - I can only wish I had a little bit of it, too.
By the way: IŽll order my 7Hi on Wednesday! (Understanding wife!) / Bo S.

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