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Default Problems with DiMAGE Viewer Software

I seem to be having problems with the DiMAGE Viewer, version 2.00, which came on the CD with my 7i, running under Wincrap 98. It is very slow and frequently the program locks up completely, for instance when I rotate pictures or try and change directories. This is very inconsistent, sometimes the program works, sometimes not. The only solution seems to be to hit "Ctrl, Alt, Del" then "End Task" to close the program. If I do this when it locks up trying to open a new directory, reopening the program opens it in the new directory, but it usually locks up again after the next command.

Has anyone else had similar problems, and if so do you have a solution? I do plan on changing to Wincrap 2000, but definitely not XP (Xtra Poor!). Will the change to Wincrap 2000 help?

I notice that if I make image changes in Photoshop 7.0 I loose all the Exif Information and some of the Image Information. Is there another program besides the DiMaGE Viewer to work with the image files and preserve the data?
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well don wincrap xp is essentially wincrap 2000 with a crayola make over. one hit of a button and it looks just like 2000. and it does act like 2000. most of the problems arise when people put crap on their machines and don't remove old software properly and put on a lot of free sample shareware. the computer itself does not clean up after the operator.
i can gag mac OS 10.2 just as fast as any pc.

win 98 out of the box with no programs in it runs smooth. it has to do with something someone put on the machine. i can name a few programs that can do serious hurt to w98 because they were poorly written or eat up processor time or worse cause memory leaks
list what programs are on your computer.
list what is running in the system tray(right side of bar).
what video card is installed and what version video driver is loaded
how much ram memory
processor type and speed

i have 4 machines running XP in the house. they have few issues at all. i also have a D7i and the software is on my daughters computer my base machine and my laptop. my wife AMD based machine also runs XP. i built 2 of the 4 units. i like xp. it works.

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Default Win*98SE & Viewer 2.0

Have Win98SE and also Minolta Viewer 2.0
so far no lockups. (Despite (ashamed to say) having a fairly cluttered machine. I'm open to some hot tips on de-cluttering?
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cald- on win98 you'll know when it's cluttered. it will let you know.

there are a few ways of decluttering but the first is basic housekeeping.

not downloading every free software you spy on the net.

keeping up with the updates on the os.

don't leave anything you value on the HD

on the right side of the tool bar is the system tray, where the clock is. how many icons are up there?

how many icons are on your desktop?

XP uses memory very different from that of Win98 so things can be done a little different.

this is my XP desktop:

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