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Hi folks, I just bought a Z6, a bit of an upgrade from my dinky Gateway camera

Has anyone used telephoto lenses for the Z6, and if so, what should I be looking for? Where can I find the adapter (from the amopunt pf research I was able to do I was able to surmise that I need an adapter). If I get the adapter, can I use any telephoto lens for digicams? Are there size limitations of the lens circumference (I think 52mm)

I'm completely uneducated in the arena of buying lenses for these digital cameras! I am a huge fan of wildlife and that is the main reason I bought the camera, and while the 12x zoom is terrific, there are times I need to get a closer shot without getting closer to the object, Im alsophysically limitedand cant always get certain places to get shots.

I truly appreciate any assistance anyone can render.
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Here is a link of raynox. They make lens for all camera brands. They dont still have for Z6 but I think it will be the same as Z3 or Z5.


The lens shown in the webpage are powerful enough for wildlife photography.

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Whatever you do, it is best to try the lens with the camera first if posssible or at least buy with a return guarantee. Once I bought a Canon lens that a salesperson assured me would work well with my camera but it vignetted horribly. I had bought from B&H Photo and they allowed me to return it for refund with no hassle. Another time I bought a Raynox that looked like it would work fine with my camera but it vignetted mildly and was soft on the outer edges. By the time I cropped away these parts I might as well have just used the digital zoom. I ended up selling it at a substantial loss. Good luck.
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I have a Z3, and I really enjoy it. I love what I get with outdoor nature pictures, and the ability to zoom in with weddings and other social events.

I am looking for info / reviews on the Raynox lens: DCR-2020 PRO 2.2x (converter). They say it works on Z6, Z,5, and Z3., with "260 lines/mm resolution at the center (MTP 30%), What ever that all means!.

Has anyone tried it? Or found any reviews on it?

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