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Hello all:

Ive just picked up my z3 , and so far I love it. But I would like to get some re chargable batteries for it. Any suggestions on what type and brand are the best for this Camera?

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Mine hates Uniross 2100 mAh, crashes on low battery. (I bought two sets in two different cities, both are problematic.)

Energizer 2100 mAh works fine and lasts long for me.
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i think i will invest in some rechargables, so far ive been going through lots of alkalines.
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Can't go wrong with any of the Sanyo, Maha or Energizer (re-branded Sanyos)batteries. I have also used GPs, Kodaksand Jetcells in my Z3 with no issues. I use the 2100 or 2300 Sanyos and Engergizers the most. I typically get well over 200 shots on a fresh set of batteries.

Don't forget that a good charger can make a world of difference. I personally use the Maha and my favorite the Lightning 4000. See it here:


The lightning is a great travel charger and an excellent every day charger. It is multivoltage compatible and just needs an plug adapter for the various outlet plug types in the world. It charges the batteries quickly without overheating them and also has a conditioning circuit into it as well. Like many smaller chargers the batteries MUST be charged in pairs.

I mark them as pairs when I use them and charge them except when I first get them. I also keep a big 10 cell charger that has individual circuits for the initial charging and conditioning them so I can find cells of similar characteristics. Once I find the similar pairs, I pair them up by marking on them with a permanent marker and keep them in sets of 4 for my Z3 or in pairs for other devices. Periodically I use my big 10 cell charger to do a bunch of them individually and independently cycle them.

Don't forget that rechargable batteries self discharge and the warmer it is the faster it happens. NiMH can lose several % each day. I keep them in the refrigerator while not being used to help preserver their capactiy after charging.


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