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cald Jul 12, 2002 8:25 PM

Read the Manual - Dummie!
Couldn't get the CF card to stay down or close the door. (Folding eject lever-duh) Good thing they insist not to force it. I feature some impatient person might try to cram the door shut regardless & break stuff needlessly!

Think I got most of the stuff done NHL suggested. Still learning how to navigate the menu's. Glad to silence the tinkling bells!

Tons to learn, but I'm willing. I like the positive feel of the 4 way switch. The Sony Mavicas as kinda mushy.

Looking forward to the microdrive early next week - I hope, otherwise no CF reader yet.

sjms Jul 13, 2002 11:03 PM

welcome to the D7/D7i.

i can't even count how many times that i have attempted that too and you will again and again. just have a soft touch and the door may stay on its hinge.

the manual is still a little hazy in a few spots. if you read it without the camera right in front of you. you won't remember who does what on that thing for a while.

one important thing i relearned yesterday is if you want to shoot superfine or raw you better have the drive in single shot or they're both greyed out and inaccessable

now i knew that from my D7 forgot it on the 7i due to control swaps they did.:o

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NHL Jul 14, 2002 12:06 AM

Try not to use superfine or RAW unless absolutely necessary. Your are only wasting power and memory space...

From the 1st generation jpeg (which is indistinguishable from Tiff) one can resave back in Tiff, and let the PC do all the conversion and waste the PC horsepower and memories instead. RAW is a better format, but don't abuse it... Most of the time highest jpeg is most that anyone ever need...

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