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imdunn Sep 25, 2004 11:36 PM

I just bought a dimage a1 from abes of main. upon getting my camera i found it was completly unusable.

I cant access any menu's

when changing program modes the camera will flip back and forth from the hitogram to the live image.

there are just all kinds of problems with it.

I was windering if anyone has ever had simalar problems?

and if any one has any information of what kind or service i can expect from minolta , i sent the camera to the repar factory in jersey . Im hoping they just replace it being that it is completly fried inside but who knows

any info would be great.



AK-66 Sep 28, 2004 12:55 AM

I got my A1 from Abes of main also. It was back in april. I bought it directly from the store ( I live in Brooklyn,NY ). They have 7 days return policy with no restocking fee for walk-in purchases, and, I think, even 30 days if you buy online ( check their website)

I bought Olympus-5060 from them before my A-1 and I returned it on the 7th day. It was OK , I just didn't like some features. They took it back with no problem.

I think you should contact them anyway before dealing with Minolta directly. I've read many posts here that KM is not the best in this matter.

Good luck!

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