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I have a friend who really wants to get started in photography, so I was looking for a fairly cheap digital I could get him (maybe split the cost or something :lol
My friend knows nothing about the basics of photography (what f-stops are, shutter speeds, and the like) but I think he would catch on fast. The two main cameras I am looking at were a Z2, or an S414. I have used both of these cameras a fair bit (I started off on a S414, and my friend lets me use his Z2 sometimes :roll But I can only find refurbished S414s. They say that they carry the manufactors warrenty, but can the camera really be trusted? Also, has anyone here done any buisness with Marine Parks Superstore? My dad purchased my DiMAGE 7Hi from them, and he was very pleased. They currently have pretty good prices on both the S414 and the Z2
Any feadback would be nice!
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Has anyone here bought or used a refurbed camera?
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I have boughttwo refurbished cameras. The first was a Epson 750Z. It looked and worked like new and after 3 or 4 years it still works fine. The last one I purchased was a Minolta F200. It looked like new but evidently the refurbish job wasn't done very well because it did not work properly. I sent it off to Minolta for warranty repair. About 2 to 3 weeks later it was returned and worked perfectly and after six months of use is still working fine. If you don't mind taking a chance that you may need to send the camera in for repair you can save some money buying refurbished cameras. Just make sure you get at least a 90 day manufacturers warranty. You may need it!

I have also bought used cameras - an Epson 3000Z and a Minolta Z1. In both casesthey worked and are still working flawlessly. This is much more of a gamble because you get no warranty! I was just lucky.

I guess it gets down to how much risk are you willing to take to save some money?

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I work for KM on the business equipment side of things and their refurbed camereas are good. I have bought a few of them over the years and have not had a problem with any of them.
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I buy almost exclusively refurbished equipment - much of it on UBID. My rationale is price, a OEM manufaturer's warranty,and no tax to my location from their location in TN. Over the last five years this includes 12 PC's and laptops, 13 cameras, and a host of PC accessory equipment. I track the bidding from day to day and only buy when the price is considerably lower than the standard online "mail order houses" or refurbishing outfits and much, much lower than retail stores such as Best Buy, CompUSA and Circuit City.If you don't track the bidding and compare it to new pricing, in some cases, the bidding fever canget as high on UBID for a refurbished unit as a new one some place else. So you have to do your homework.

On the Konica Minolta side I purchased my 7i, 7Hi and just last week a Z2 all on UBID as refurbished units. All three came in original boxes with all of the standard equipment and warranty from Minolta. Where the standard warranty on a new unit is generally a year, the warranty on refurbished units can be less (eg. 6 months). Of the 13 cameras, 12 PC's and laptops, and a host of accessory equipment I've purchased over the last five years, only one showed signs of wear - a laptop. It had some minor dings on the underside of the case but I kept it anyway as the price was just too good. But all of the other refurbished products (from UBID) were indistiinquishable from new products. The Z2 had no ID that it was a refurbished unit as all of theother products did - I was surprised by that. At the time of purchase, the lowest online price for new was $288 plus shipping. Most Z2's new were selling online for $300-$350 or more at the time of my purchase. I got the Z2 as an after-thought on UBID on 2/21/05 for $224 shipped to my door! I just coudn't pass it up for that price. MY wife's 3 MP Olympus camera died and I had been looking for a replacement. I had followed Steve's review and other user comments and knew the Z2 would work for us. I've compared the photos to my 7Hi and they are awesome.

And lastly, I purchased my Epson 1270 and Epson 2200 on UBID as well and they too were just like new. The Epson 2200 was not in an original box and had a warranty from the seller and not from Epson. But the price was literally half what the online sellers still want for a new 2200 printer so I took the chance and had no problem. The Epson 2200 sold for such a low price that I only saw 6 of them for sale at the time and they never came back (to my knowledge).

In summary, refurbished is a good way to go if you do your homework. But I strongly suggest you become familiar with how UBID works before jumping in. The going price for one camera was $275 and someone bid $400. I don't know why this happened but where most everyone paid about $275, one individual bid higher than he had to and shelled out $400 whenthe other bidders only paid$275. I sense he wasn't familiar with how the bidding process worked, wanted the unit, and jumped in head first. Once I got the fever and bid so fast that I clicked a default method of shipping that was overnight during the holidays. My great price for a printer for my daughter was quickly erased by overnight shipping - a real disaster for me. Hope this helps - good luck.

Don't be fooled by "fixed priced" auctions on UBID, they are not true auctions at all as you have no control over the starting price. I'm not sure why they departed from only true bidding auctions a few years back but most of their products now appear as fixed price, iethey are no different than the majority of online companies. I generally buy only products that start from "0" and work their way up.Only then is there an opportunity to buy at a true bargain price and lower than the fixed prices.

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