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DOUGLAS Apr 22, 2003 9:06 AM

Rings and filters blocking viewfinder on s414?
According to our favorite lens and filter source, there may NOT be forthcoming any more 35.5 - 43 adapter rings. (Mfg filed chptr 11,
product delayed....or worse.)
There is a 37mm adapter, and a 49mm($25!!!) available; but will either of these cause visual blockage??

Who's using these or another set-up?

(Posted HERE for focused response) (npi)

whittonj Apr 22, 2003 3:06 PM

I got the extendalens for the 404 which gives 43mm threads and i could still use the viefinder (little shadow along the bottom right of the viewfinder). Throw a telephoto or wideangle and you're stuck using the LCD (which i do more and more now when possible.) The heliopan 35.5 to 43mm step up ring is about the same. Whats really bad- they both block the flash very visibly. (And the threads on the 404 were aluminum and screech horribly and i always thought i was going to strip them out any second.)

I would still go past a 37mm step-up... 35.5-37 seems like you're cutting it close to that visisble vignetting in your shots area.

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