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Default S404 How many Shots with 1800Mah batterys?

About how many shots can you get from the camera? Also for backup when going into New York City I will be using Alkaline batterys. How many shots would I get from those without the Lcd on?
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Old Nov 10, 2002, 7:30 AM   #2
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I haen't used alkalines and from other postings I have seen, I wouldn't recommend using them.

I have a couple of sets of Powerex 1700Mah batteries and a Maha charger. I typcially get around 100 - 120 pics per charge. Actual number depends how much I use the LCD, flash etc. I usually shoot in fine mode at full resolution.

Hope this helps,
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Alkaline is no good for any digital camera!!! The problem is it's steeper voltage curve 1/4 - 1/2 way through its capacity. Even though there's plenty of charge left for use on other devices, a digital camera will stop functioning below the relative constant 1.2V put out by rechargeable NiMh throughout its discharge curve. You'll save a lot more money with NiMh after a few packs of Alkaline anyway:

The LCD display is also the biggest current draw on any digital camera, so if you don't use your S404 like a videocam (or deleting pictures and taking battery juice away from the picture shooting part), and more like a point and shoot. You should get in the hundreds of pictures without flash (flash also drain battery juice from your picture shooting part). Also you should get lot more shots iin a shorter period (ie 1hr per say) than if you spread it out over the whole day (or days) since the camera must be on longer...
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yeah I know Alkaline's are not good use for digital cams.. But My rechargeable batterys will mostly die when taking pictures in New York City with the LCD Off... I plan to have 2 256MB CF cards.. I don't know if i want to bring 1 Set of Rechargeables or 2 Sets.. and just use the Alkaline's for the rest.. A 40 Pack of them..
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If at all possible get the MAHA C401-FS, It will charge 1800Mah NiMH from your car in just over an hour!!! I have the 7i and 4 sets of NiMH, and as soon as a set goes dead, I pop them in the charger and when I'm close to running out of juice on the second set, the ones that were charging are ready!!!!
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