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calr Sep 19, 2003 10:27 AM

S414 filters--Vignetting
For those who didn't know, filters and lens mount accessories for the S414 are extremely hard to find. The 35.5 mm ring size is unique and most manufacturers don't support it. Minolta doesn't even support it. However, thanks to someone in this forum, I found and ordered a 35.5mm uv filter, a 35.5 to 37 mm stepup ring and a 37 mm circular polarizer. They arrived in the mail yesterday. The 35.5 mm uv filter works fine with no vignetting at any zoom setting. However vignetting does occur with the stepup ring with the polarizer attached. It is OK from about mid zoom range to maximum telephoto. If anyone knows of a 35.5 mm circular polarizer, I would sure like to get hold of one.

Franto Sep 27, 2003 2:36 PM

IŽd the same problem with vignetting by a 37 mm circular pol filter after applying an adapter ring 35,5 to 37mm diameter. I`ve sold this combination and bought from Heliopan an adapter ring 35,5 to 49 mm diam and a polfilter 49 mm. No vignetting anymore even at the 35 mm wide-angle position of focus.
P.S. There is only a very pricy 35,5 mm circ pol filter available from B&W. Regards Franto

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