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Default S414, Sony PC, ????

Just purchased a Minolta 414 and a Sony RZ31G PC, I am new at this digital camera game and I have a few ?. There is a picture quality format shown as TIFF that is not a jpeg, is this compatable to the processing people when getting reproductions and can my PC handle this format. Do I use the software that comes with my camera or do I use the software that Sony has incorporated in it's PC.
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Next to JPG, TIFF is probably one of the most common picture formats and just about every image editing should be able to read and write it.

The difference between JPG and TIFF is that TIFF is a lossless format, while JPG uses a lossy compression format.

What that means, is that if you start with JPG out of the camera, then the compression JPG uses, has already resulted in the loss of some picture information. Plus, each time you make a change (edit) your photo and then save it again, you will lose a little more information on each save. If you were to edit and save often enough, you would eventually get a completely useless image.

The upside to JPG is that it yields a small compact file size.

TIFF, on the other hand, saves the image in a lossless format, so no matter how many times you edit and save, the image will not degrade, at least not due to the edit and save process.

The downside to TIFF is file size. Usually very large. TIFF can also save in 16 bit format, while JPG is 8 bit.

To give an example of file size differences, JPG photos from my S2 are less than 3 MB, while 16 bit TIFFs are almost 80 MB (RAW, on the otherhand is 13 MB).

So, to answer your other questions: your photofinisher *should* be able to handle TIFF as well as JPG, but you might want to check with them first. Of course, you can also make a JPG from your TIFF *after* you have made all of your edits.

As for software, you can use both, either or neither. You didn't say what software was supplied with your camera or the Sony.

There are lots of good software out there. Many use Photoshop (expensive, but very good), or it's sibling Photoshop Elements. Every package is different, so it will depend a lot on what you want your software to do and how easy you find each program to use.

Hope that helps. Have fun.

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