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Default I agree with Miket

This is not a point and shoot camera and you will need to spend as much time as you can getting to know it before your trip. I have learned to always use spot focus, reduce contrast setting and increase saturation setting for most of my shots. Luckily you can learn what works for you under various situations and store and recall up to three sets of parameters for quick recall.

If point and shoot is your primary goal and you don't want to get too involved with the learning curve, there are probably better, although less flexible, choices out there. Take a look at what Olympus has to offer.
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Originally Posted by NHL
Just found this article over the French site: All the EVF cameras (ie without the prism for the phase detector) ie contrast based are slighly slower. They all need 0.9s to focus lock on a moving subject however the 7Hi only requires 0.2 lux, the F717 even with the 'laser' needs 3.4 lux, while the 5700... well.

NHL: I don't think "Les appareils experts" testers used the Sony "night" mode, which allows the Sony F717 to focus even in the dark.
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You're correct. The tests were geared toward how fast the AF performed on various camera under two different subject movement conditions... and not how the cameras performed in the dark.

Since all the EVF cameras are contrast based they need some light that can of course be augmented in total darkness by laser targeting as in the Sony. The test does however indicates the Sony sensitivity to light in instances where it's not totally dark but enought light remain prior to its laser activation.

Considering the laser less 0.2 lux # achieved by the D7hi that's quite amazing... May be this camera's B&W night vision system help some! :lol:

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