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Puck M Jun 29, 2004 11:07 PM

I recently won a bid on Ebay for a Dimage F100 refurbished camera for $147including shipping. The vendor responded that he was out of stock of the F100 and offered an F200 in its place. Well it arrived today.

I loaded up some freshly charged 2300 MAH NiMH batteries and it seemed to work OK. After a few shots it locked up with the focus, flash and power LED's illuminated and a low battery indication. Cutting the camera off did no good. The only way to unlock it was to remove and reinsert the batteries. Then all seemed OK with thefull battery icon showing on the screen and all else appearing normal. A few more shotsand it locked again.

I wouldsuspect bad batteries from the symptoms but thesesame batteries last for 100's of shots in my Z1. I'll see if thevendor will exchange the item for another or if not I'll send it off toKonica Minolta for repair under their 3 month warranty.

I've bought refurbished cameras before with no problems. Evidently this one didn't get a very good refurbishment job! The F200sure looks like a neat little camera and takes good pictures when it works. Maybeall will work out in the end but my $147 deal may just turn out to be more trouble than it is worth!

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