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jcarboski Sep 17, 2002 10:15 PM

sports action shots
I'm trying to decide what camera to buy, the fugi s602 or the minolta dimage 7i. I read that the dimage 71 takes some pictures at a "fast frames per second" but i'm not sure if thats in the movie mode or regular shots taken as jpegs??? can anyone repsond with some proof that this camera might be, or might not be, what i need for taking action shots at sporting events. Thanks in advance to all. peace. Chris Carr Salem Mass

KCan Sep 17, 2002 11:21 PM

I guess you are referencing to "UHS" mode : it's not a movie mode, it's a hi speed jpg shooting at 7 fps, but at 1280 x 960 resolution . BC of the size of the buffer, you are limited to : 15 frames at fine quality setting , 31 frames/standard, or 39 frames/economy (reported from user manual )

Also, what I notice is :
- I got to set the shutter audio effect on , bc in quiet mode, I can't say it is shooting :-))
- There is no flash sync signal at the hotshoe , if you care about ( I did care , and was a bit disappointed when I discover this )
- Once you let your finger up, you got to wait until the buffer is flushed , even if you just took not enough frames to full it , which is not the case with normal continuous mode
- If your low battery warning is on, this mode is automatically disabled .

I recommend you to try both camera at this mode if it's your concern , nothing worth a real try.

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