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Default Stills from Video


I have just purchased the Kodak 6490. I was going to buy the Z1 but the few bugs the Z1 has at present put me off so I went with the Kodak and also because it was a 4 megapixel camera.

I was hoping however to be able to capture stills from the video because of my hobby but the Kodak doesn't do it and also the Kodak has very small file sizes even for a 4 megapixel camera.

What are the file sizes of the Z1 on fine/best mode? and does it take stills from Video and if so what is the quality like?

I have the option to take back the Kodak and get the Z1 but I need to know soon


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Most still cameras in video mode will take pictures which are either 640X480 pixels or 1/4 resolution at 320X240 resolution irrespective of their max quoted Mpix. The number of pictures taken per second can vary. These are also highly compressed pictures with lots of distortions normally just tolerable when replayed as a movie on a TV.

You should be aware that whilst it is easy to capture a still 'frame' using most video editing packages (or even doing a Windows screen dump), the quality of picture printed, will not compare with the normal camera still picture, using all the camera Mpix and less compression.

If anything moves in your video, it might look reasonable in the quick flash of your eye on video playback - but as a printed single frame it will look pretty awfull.

I don't know what you are doing, but you might be better off looking at continuous shooting modes. This is not video but rapid shot taking with the shutter held down. However, the shot resolution setting and speed of taking shots can vary or choices/compromises made, as well as the maximum number. For example, you will not get an affordable still digicam offering 10 shots a second at maximumum resolution for 30 seconds! VOX
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With Z1 You can select and save a specific picture directly from the camera.
Resolution is 640x480. The quality (as best) is web-quality. With 6490 only 320x240. Too little.
Z1 has two other possibilities. You can take a "continuos" or "progressive" shooting. You can read about it at:
Much better!
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