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:? I just bought an A200 with the feeling that I will eventually need to add a flash. The Minolta 3600HS and 5600HS flashes seem pricey for their features, but there is comfort in knowing they will work. The 2500HS is reasonable but has a lot less features.

The Sunpak PZ-40m is supposed to be ADI ttl, bounce, power zoom and has an AF assist. Minolta states that their 3600HS and 5600HS AF assists will not function on the A200 so I suppose there would be no reason to believe that the Sunpak's AF assist will work either, but what about the other features; ttl compatible (ADI) and power zoom? Has anyone tired oneon the A200?

The A200 is replacing my Kodak DC4800 which has a really underpowered pop-up flash, so I'm assuming I'll need an add on flash as both the A200 and DC4800 spec. sheets show the internal flashes having a range of 12.5 feet. The DC4800 has a PC sync port, but I fried it with an old Vivitar flash before I learned about max trigger voltages.
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I don't know the answers to your questions about the Sunpak and A200. But, you may want to take it's batteries into consideration, even if you find out it will work.

This model uses two AA batteries (versus 4 or more for many other similar flash units). So, recycle time is likely to be fairly long unless you're at closer ranges to your subject.

I would not assume that your DC4800 failure had anything to do with your flash.

Some of the newer Kodak's are rated fora trigger voltage of 500 volts. I don't know about the DC4800. But, this model seems to have a design flaw causing failures.

Basically, there is a screw in the camera that eventually works itself loose. It seems to short out some of the circuitry after it becomes loose.

But, interestingly, the cameras seem to work fine after the screw is put back where it's supposed to be and secured (it doesn't seem to permanently damage anything, at least in the cases I've heard about so far).

You can see a thread on this problem here:


I've heard from several users that fixed their "dead" DC4800's themselves. It looks like the photos someone posted are gone, but the instructions are still there.

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The DC4800 isn't dead, just the PC sync port. I connected a very old manual Vivitar 2600 flash via the sync port. It worked fine for a few flash pictures and then the camera wouldn't fire the Vivitar flash any more. The camera and it's pop up flash still work fine. The Vivitar flash still works too, just not connected to the DC4800.

I went to Kodak's web site and they say the DC4800's sync port needs a trigger voltage under, (I think), 6v.
style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Thanks for the advice on the Sunpak with 2 batteries, recycle time is certainly a consideration.
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Even 2500D has AF assist and ADI/TTL but it don't works on A200 - verified by myself. Also, I don't think ADI is thing that everyone needs, because, I'm using TTL with my A200 and never had overshoot/undershoot picture with 2500D (Of course if I've not used manual mode and set too much or too less shutter speed)
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