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Originally Posted by NHL
Photoshop allows you to save in numerous format, and the original .mrw should not be disturbed in anyway (that your original negative copy). You can not save back in .mrw since this is not a valid file format, and is not a raw file from the camera anymore!

Tiff is the most universal, but keep the file as native Photoshop file is your best best since it preserve the layers information. But why? All theses format are very large beside your .mrw. In my opinion create your editings steps as an action and save it (let's call it MRW2Tiff for example). Everytime you need a copy or for converting other .mrw files (they should be very close unless the exposure is bad) just run this action again (the action file is very small)!

Remember you can duplicate this digital copy again anytime...
I agree that the original shouldn't be overwritten by a changed image. I always save changed pictures under a new name. What I don't want to do is lose any information in the images.

A photograph, whether it is digital or from film, is like any other form of information - you can decrease the information stored but you can never increase it or recover information that has been lost by manipulating the data. This is why I am gravitating more and more to storing raw images since the camera messes with the images when it saves them in tiff or jpg. I'll save the manipulations for later when I can do it myself the way I want it done.

When it is time to view or print is the time to apply filters, etc., but never to the stored image. I wasn't sure that saving in photoshop format or tiff would cause any other changes or loss of information since they seem to apply "filters" for viewing and printing. I wanted to save the changed pictures back to raw format to avoid any possible loss of information. This would also allow re-editing a photo, after deciding a print isn't acceptable, without going all the way back to the original image if desired.

Saving the actions is a good idea that I haven't gotten into yet. Thanks for the hint.
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To print 13x 19, do you recomment fine or raw?
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Fine should be fine... Did I say that! :lol:

Unless you're extremely nitpicking, or it's a million $ shot you don't want to miss, then use raw so if you goof up in the exposure, there's some leeway in post-processing. Charlibob post with the extreme dynamic range where the bride wore white, and the groom in black tuxedo in extreme bright sunshine is such an example. If the picture was shot @ raw, the contrast or other settings could be adjusted after the shots, before the picture data were truncated by the camera.


In most situation, you'll be hard press to tell the difference, but the camera slows down quite a bit unless you are lucky enough to buy the D7hi, where the extra buffer can help you out in raw... but then invest in lot of hardisks :lol: :lol: :lol:
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