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Default Switch From C-4000 to Minolta 7hi?

Hey all, I'm new to the forum and I need some input! I've had a strong curiosity for photography since I was very young. But of course, being young I had no way of getting my hands on a nice camera and all that. But now, at 24, I was able to purchase an Olympus c-4000 zoom. What the camera has done in a very short period of time, is turn my curiosity into a full blown interest! The camera is super versatile and I have no complaints at all. But I feel that the camera just doesn't have the "umph" that I ultimately would like to have. Naturally, I can't afford a Nikon D100, but I thought I'd look into the possibility of selling off the C-4000 and possibly investing some money into a higher end camera like the Minolta 7hi. Now, obviously one camera costs twice as much as the other, the Minolta is another megapixel, but what really has my interest is the 7x optic zoom. Does the 7hi have the versatility of the C-4000? Would I be making a wise move by switching from the C4000 to the 7hi? I'd really appreciate anyone's input! Thank you!

Steve P.
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The 7's lens is actually very good and pretty much CA free. It carries the 'G' designator for the high-end series in Minolta lenses line where APO glasses are also used. The 7Hi zoom is one of the widest available, ie 28mm (most other digicams stop short of 35mm or higher), but not the longest. Some folks like myself prefer wide since it captures more of a scene not less! but then you can't brag about your X-zoom power :lol: :lol: :lol:

Here's what you can do with the 7Hi:
1. You can superimpose a real-time histogram
2. On demand grid and scale (ie interchangeable electronic screens)
3. What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) in manual mode, ie see the exposure change as the aperture or shutter is adjusted (ie no need for metering in manual) Or observe the effects of front filters right off the CCD (or the effects of the internal electronic color filters).
4. Night Vision (EVF turns to B/W but the signal is boosted just like an NVG system)
5. Direct Manual Focus (DMF) overide (ie no need to switch from AutoFocus)
6. 4x magnification to help manual focus.
7. No buzzing sound in Zoom (accurate & quiet in church ceremonies)!!!
8. Shoot in raw @ 3 fps 8) 8) 8)

BTW this camera also has wireless TTL muti-flashes capability (also no-preflash for studio use), and a regular filter thread which is another rarity among Digicam! Are all this worth the extra cost to you? If not the D7i is ~$400 less (a steal actually) without the high-speed raw capture capability, but then you'll have to live with the silvered color :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Or you could keep your using your C-4000 and wait for the SLR's to come down in price. Canon just came out with the EOS 10D which I seen for sale for $1499. I think it wont be much longer and the high end digital camera's will be down in a more affordable price range. I also think the price difference between the fixed lense SLR's and regular SLR's will start to get closer, therefore making alot of the fixed lense SLR's obsolete in the not to distant future.
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admittedly that may be true when you look at it sideways. when you buy a Dslr like the 10D you get a camera body with a hole in it. that is currently $1500
then you want lenses of course. to get the equivelent output of a D7 series you will need to purchase at minimum 2-3 fairly pricey lenses. at least a 17-35 to cover the 28+ range of thr 7 and then a 35-150 range to cover the rest. these are quick rough estimates. in addition the 7 has a f2.8-3.5 range. to get the equivelent lenses at the equivelent f stop for the 17-35 between $600-800 to start for equivelent quality glass. there are cheaper lenses and slower ones but then there is the hitch. even going cheaper your looking at a base output of $3000 or more and a substantial weight difference. and of course there are performance trade offs on both cameras.

now all this is dependent on your wants of course. i still walk around using my F5 brick which still out performs most digital cameras today in my opinion. i own a D7Hi and love it to. i've been tempted by the FF digitals but am currently standing by the wayside on it. i was thinking and ordered the 14n. but the second thought department is waking up and taking control saying not yet.
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