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doug4117 Dec 13, 2003 12:23 PM

T-mount for my 7Hi?
I found two old lenses from my high-school days...they must be 25 years old or so. They're both manual focus (of course) and use a T-mounting system (I guess--they don't use anything like a thread system on the camera end) (I'm a bit out of touch with photo tech these days). One's a telephoto lense, the other is a zoom.

That said, I've seen T-mount adapters for Minolta cameras and was wondering if I could use one of them to attach these old lenses to my new 7Hi. The GT lens won't come off the camera body, of course, but the lens has those 49mm threads. Does a T-mount have threads on the camera side of the adapter? If so, what size are they? Can I get one that uses 49mm threads? I realize I'd have to support the lenses with a hand if I ever get them attached. And they might vignette too much to make it worth using. But I'd like to at least consider using these old lenses...


amazingthailand Dec 14, 2003 5:33 AM

Won't work.

You might me able to do close up/macro's, but nothing else. The lenses you refer to are ment to be used solo, ie: not in front of your camera's existing lens.

However, with the right T-mount adaptor, you could use them on a suitable SLR body.


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