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janeasc Jun 18, 2002 9:55 PM

Which telephoto?
I would like to get a telephoto attachment for my D7i and wonder if anyone has any suggestions. I've looked at the Tiffen ones, but it appears that they have three models and now I'm confused. Thanks. Jane D.

NHL Jun 19, 2002 1:01 AM


The discontinued Oly B300 is what you want.

... and just in case you want a ~22mm wide angle also on Ebay!

cadave Aug 25, 2002 7:02 PM

seen some online
I've been seeing some titanium 2x telephotos on ebay, with a finish which seems to match the d7. The ads seem to pretty much specify that this lens is designed for the D7. Does any one have any experience with these?

janeasc Aug 25, 2002 7:08 PM

From what I've read in various places, I would suggest you stay a LONG way away from those lenses. Basically, they are garbage. I've been using the B300 for a few months now, and if you can find one I think you'll be very pleased with it. Jane

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