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I'm always looking for good advice on how to improve my skills as an amateur photographer, and thought that I would start a thread relating to Z-series users (but others can jump in too, of course).

First of all, I have been having some problems with scenes where the intended object is in front of a very bright background, such as a slightly overcast sky where the clouds are really bright. The intended object becomes much to dark and the camera adjusts the light according to the clouds in the background. This made me wonder, what metering method do you most often use? Till now, I have only used multi-segment.

Another thing: I think the manual focus is very hard to use because of the EVF's crude resolution. Any tricks? And do you ever use manual focus?

I have tried some bird photography on a bright overcast day, with the bird in mid-air and the bright overcast cloud cover in the background. I get both, out-of-focus problemsAND exposure problems. Success seems impossible! Any suggestions?

Please share your experience and good hints for various situations. Thanks! :-)
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OK, here we go... First off, yes, I definitely use manual focus. When I find the need to use manual focus, I shoot in A mode, and get the aperture as close to f/8 as I can, maximizing DOF, then I get as close as I can and zoom out, and I usually bracket the shots, taking several at different focus distances. Usually, at least one comes out good. For backlighting, I normally use spot metering, though depending on the situation, I may meter on the dark, then meter on the bright, taking two photos, and combine them in PS later.
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That's very helpful!

Another question: Is there a difference between exposure compensation (EV) and doing some brightness post-processing in PS?
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