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Default Vacation shooting advice?

Family Memory time = vacation. First stop inside a fairly well lit ice cream parlour. Next an out door cookout Had beginner's luck handheld using Shutter priority. I'm impressed with the power of the D7i flash. Will use tripod when possible (plan to get a table top model also.) I appreciate this helpful forum!
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Get a MindStor or something similar for downloading. A gig a day is my motto... and the fast firewire downloading of this device is every bit as useful back home when you are anxious to see the results! (5-7gigs download can be an overnighter...)

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A good tabletop tripod is gold on the road. I got the Bogen of tabletop tripods... a Bogen 3008 Sturdy 3007 aluminum legs mate to a 3009 mini ball head. A lifesaver where I did not want flash but could steady myself against a wall or post to get long exposure shots. If you need a bit of height they sell one with an extendable riser post that can go between tripod and head, the whole package being about $70, about $40 for the setup I got. You can also use in combination with car window clamps and the super clamp as it used the standard Bogen thread. Not cheap but I have never regretted buying Bogen/Manfrotto gear. They make a cheaper "digi" tabletop model but it lacks the interchangable heads.

That, a microddrive, my Rayovac charger and a slew of AAs made for a good road warrior setup.
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how much versitility in a tripod do you need?
do you intend to do macro work at all?

if yes to both bogen/manfrotto is the way to go

1- 3001PRO TRIPOD this is the best combo of light/versitility without resorting to carbon legs/carbon price. the ctr column removes and slides in perpendicular to the tripod ctr line. you'll be able to bring your camera down to scraping the dirt (for those fire ant shots) weighs in at 4.2 lbs w/o a head. 22" racked, stacked, and packed. 46" with ctr column bottomed out over 56" with it up price about $109

heads- thats another highly opinionated discussion. prices from about $30-$400. look at tham carefully. don't buy yourself short. quite a few people do. i have 2 ball heads an arca swiss B1 (too much for the D7i) and a acratech (not cheap but precision mfg and light). mafrotto also makes about 3-4 different mods. watch the weight on these.

as a table top mod again manfrotto. i have an old video tabletop i use
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