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ralphjh Jul 2, 2007 3:45 PM

This problem occurred with a Dimage A1 but it may be more of a general optics problem.

I sent my Dimage A1 to Sony to replace the CCD in accordance with the recall for this camera. <>

Upon receiving the camera from Sony, I confirmed that the CCD was repaired but a new problem occurred, one that I have never observed in several years of using the camera. When viewing through the viewfinder (EVF), under a condition of bright sunlight, with the sun to the rear or side, subjects containing narrow vertical lines would show the subject lines projecting beyond their actual dimensions as purple lines. The best example of this is a white wrought iron fence in the foreground with a blue sky in the background. The image displayed in the EVF would show the thin, white, fence lines projecting into the sky as purple or reddish lines. The problem only exists with the EVF, not in the final exposed photo. This condition never occurred before I sent the camera to Sony for repair. Also, when the camera was returned, the first thing I noticed was some wet, sticky material around the edges of the EVF assembly, as if it had been disassembled and reassembled with adhesive. That condition and the fact that I soon afterwards noticed the vertical purple lines led me to believe that the condition may have been caused by Sony.

I returned the camera with an explanation but their repair department informed me that they were unable to duplicate the condition and that the camera was being returned without any further repair. The technician working on the camera described the condition as Chromatic Aberration and said that may have been caused by the unusually bright sunlight conditions. I haven't received the camera yet, but in the meantime, I am posting this problem to determine if anyone else has experienced this condition with any camera or possibly shed more light on the subject (pun intended) :-)

VTphotog Jul 2, 2007 11:59 PM

Just a quick guess, but when the CCD was replaced, the tech may have made an adjustment to the EVF gain (amplification). If the LCD is OK, that would further point to this. Are you able to change it by changing the EVF brightness? If not, then it is most probably due to repair center adjustment. Could also be the new CCD is more sensitive, and the signal it sends to the EVF is a higher level.

I have seen that the EVF in these cameras ( I have the 7hi) tend to get bright vertical lines completely washing out the display when there is a bright light source such as the sun, in view. I have used this to get the radial sunburst lines in my pictures, which is how it displays in the shot.


Rolf Farrell Jul 13, 2007 11:21 AM

Could read my thread as below - not getting any clear answers though. In my case the repairer (of the brand new camera) says its meant to be like this. If it is, I am frankly appalled.

Clive Egginton Aug 2, 2007 4:35 PM

Every now and again this topic crops up. It's to do with over-saturation of the ccd in modes where the charge is not being off-loaded quickly enough and that happens in certain situations.

Have a look at this thread from a couple of years ago and have a look at the thread on dpreview.

Note that the flare does get recorded in movie mode.


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