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Stu Aug 23, 2003 4:31 AM

Video with s404
i've used the 404 to take video clips occasionally , they play back ok in the camera but when I download onto my pc and try and play them all I get is the sound , I've tried the latest mediaplayer but still no luck , any help much appreciated


KCan Aug 23, 2003 5:43 PM

I can play my D7i video (*.mov) with Quick Time Player
Just download it from the net (free)

selvin Aug 23, 2003 7:46 PM


What version of Windows Media Player are you using? Versions 8 and 9 should play the avi files.

Apple Quicktime version 5.0.2 should also play them.

I am playing a S404 video right now as I am composing this just to make sure I give you correct version numbers.


Stu Aug 24, 2003 3:14 AM

thanx guys for the advice , I'm at work right now but will take up ur suggestions when I get home tonite ,cheers


Stu Sep 11, 2003 5:18 AM

just an update , never got to the bottom of this , tried with MPlayer 6 and 9 , no good on my pc ,
but if run the files on my work pc , then no probs both sound and vision using MPlayer6 ,
got round the prob by using quicktime ( thanx for the advice ) on my pc
strange that it's ok with WPlayer on one pc but not the other :? ah well .........


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