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Default What about D5 upgrade?

Hi All,

I own a D5 and love it.
And I'm sure there're many people own it and love it. Furthermore, there're many people out there thingking to buy cool SLR digicam D5 due to higher profile of D7/7i including price.

Now, Minolta announced D7 firmware upgrade kit. How come they don't say any word for D5? Did I miss something? Did they say anything? I heard that D5 and D7 are similar except number of pixels in CCD. Then, I'm sure they can support D5 owners easily. All they should do is, wrapping up the D7 upgrade kit in a slightly different way for D5, right?

I'm not sure whether Minolta is planning to provide upgrade for D5 or not. If they are, then they should have said that plan with the D7 upgrade kit announcement.

What do you guys think?
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Minolta has announced there will be no D5 upgrade ala the D7, sorry.

Why, while the D5 is similar to the D7, it is sufficiently different in firmware (which would require a more extensive rewrite) and requires more system memory than the D5 has built in to accommodate a larger firmware upgrade.

I'm sure Minolta could over come any difficulties and provide some sort of a partial feature upgrade, like the AF speed increase, and direct manual focus, and maybe the live histogram display, but they have chosen not to, so thats pretty much the end of it.

While the AF in the D5 can be slow, and it can have a hard time under certain lighting conditions, I don't like the compromise that Minolta has come up with to speed up the AF in the D7i. I really don't like the image freeze (even if its a split second) while the D7i focuses. I mean I REALLY DON'T LIKE IT!! While it does make the AF seem a bit faster (a bit,certainly not 2X as fast) it seems amateurish and a step backwards if you ask me.

So even if Minolta offered a firmware update to fix the D5 AF, it would probably be the freeze frame type, which isn't what I personally would want, so I for one am glad they have left the D5 alone!! :-)

As for the D5's slow autofocus...

If you STOP FIGHTING THE AUTOFOCUS, you'll get better consistent results using it. I almost never get out of focus shots these days, and those that I do, 99% are because I didn't hold the camera steady enough. Thats not to say the AF of my D5 always, 100% of the time works flawlessly, it just means that I take a bit more time to MAKE SURE the AF is properly locked (even if I have to RE-FOCUS a couple times) and work within the limits of the slow AF.

- Ivan
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