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Drabkin Aug 1, 2002 6:43 PM

What's the best way to download pictures ?
Hi Everyone!

I have a S304 (just got it). I download the pictures with Windows XP. Which is the preffered way to donwload the pictures :
a. Through the Win XP provided interface.
b. Using DImage Viewer utility (and if so which color matching should I use).
c. None of the above and there is some better way.

I tried both ways and get different file sizes and different colors.

Thanks in advance

Gary Senkus Aug 1, 2002 6:52 PM

check the 22 replies to this, should give the the answer many times,

Drabkin Aug 1, 2002 7:17 PM

Thank for the quick response Gary, but this thread seems to be handling only the hardware issues of downloading: flash card reader or directly from the camera, and does not deal with the software part and the image quality question.

Can you recommend another thread ?

Gary Senkus Aug 1, 2002 8:02 PM

Just covering the download, card reader to new folder in my docs, bburn on cd for safety. then use win explorer to drag and drop bunch into whereever. After the last thread I gave you amazed you would ask me for another. Promised myself I will not post to that last one again. Someone who shoots with your cam should be able to help on other, kind of stuck on Olympus myself.
Good shooting,

Gary Senkus Aug 1, 2002 8:30 PM

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NHL Aug 2, 2002 7:13 AM


Do not download through the XP facility, it will truncate the EXIF header required by both DIVU and PIM.

Do a file copy only for back up, this will preserve your file size...

Use sRGB for DIVU conversions, there's also Adobe RGB option if you want to port the image to Photoshop (the file size will get smaller every time one saves in jpeg!) ie backup the originals !!!

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