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snaphappy1 Sep 30, 2004 12:32 PM

I am about to purchase my second digital camera. My first was an Olympus Camedia D510-Zoom, a 2.1 megapixel camera that I have enjoyed using. I have taken some wonderful photos with it and considering the low pixels, the quality of my photos has been quite good. I have also enjoyed the quality of photos taken in 'low light' situations which was one of the reasons I choose this particular camera. I have had it for 4 years now and sadly, my kids dropped it and it now is unuseable!

So I need to get a new digital and of course, feel that I am ready for an upgrade in pixels and also in zoom. I am looking at the 10X zoom camera's but definitely want the IS feature. So the two I have been looking at are, the new Konica Minolta Dimage Z3 and the Canon Powershot S1 IS. I like the fact that the KM has more pixels and a larger zoom than the Canon but the Canon also has acceptable features to me so I would like to know if anyone can compare these two cameras for me. I am interested in knowing how each performs in 'low light' situations, ease of use, comfort in the hand, speed, picture quality, etc. Which of these cameras do you like best and which do you feel is the better value? Are there any other camera's with a 10X zoom and IS that I should be looking at? I don't mind paying the higher sticker price for the KM but I want to know that it is worth the extra bucks. I am having trouble finding much info on the KM but what I have read about the Canon has been good for the most part.
Any info would be much appreciated!!! Thank you.


ukurbanart Sep 30, 2004 3:58 PM

as ive never tried the canon id have to say the z3, it is a good camera, despite the fact ive had a fewproblems with it, there is quite a few satisfied z3 users that will tell you this is well worth buying, the camera itself is easy to warm to and i learnt how to control it in about a day or so, it has a incredibly fast zoom, and the anti-shake does actually work, which i was rather sceptical of at first, ive never tried other camera's anti-shake/IS so i cant compare how good minolta's is compared to panasonics/canons etc. But it is good and does improve low-light and telephoto shots which are the kind of shots anti-shake is certainly needed for. The general build of the z3 is good, it is built well for the hand, i find it more rounded off than my olympus c-765.

sorry i cant tell you much about the canon s1, im sure someone else will bebale to though.


snaphappy1 Sep 30, 2004 4:34 PM

Thanks ukurbanart. I appreciate the info. I was really leaning towards the Z3 but I have been reading quite a bit about this camera freezing up or shutting down completely for no particular reason and having problems connecting it to the computer. Have you experienced any of these problems? This has me worried and wondering if I should look at some other 10X camera's instead. I really like the sounds of the Canon S1 IS and I have read a lot of really great reviews on this camera but just wish it was a 4 mp camera or greater. The digital I am trying to replace is a 2.1 mp and I was hoping to step up to at least a 4mp. That is what attracted me most to the Z3 over the Canon, plus the added zoom 12X as apposed to the 10X on the Canon.


ukurbanart Sep 30, 2004 7:45 PM

the camera has only really locked up on me once during taking photos, connecting to the computer has been fine, only problem ive had is whilst transfering the files sometimes they have stopped in mid-transfer but this can be sorted by buying a card reader which i will soon be doinganyway, theres not a right lot of difference between a 10x and 12x lens, its a very small fraction of a difference, i know this as my olympus c-765 is 10x and is very similar to the length givenwith the z3, megapixels-wise i can see why you would want to go for a 4million pixel camera, i upgraded from a 2 to a 4, 3 million pixels in my eyes is good for some jobs but 4 is much better i think, and it does give you more freedom to crop and of course print larger better quality prints.have you checked out the other 4mp long zoom models such as the panasonic FZ10 and the 5MP FZ20?, they are both good cameras but are more expensive than the z3 or the canon s1.

Sugoi8 Oct 1, 2004 5:29 PM

New to the forum. Just my 2 cents. Canon has more accessories (wide/tele lenses) and the wireless remote. If you are uploading and sending pics via internet and taking snappies, I think the Canon does the job well. Minolta has he tech spec with the fast startup and more zoom, and more pixels. Bothare okay, in low/no light, but for most daytime pics, they both do well. I also like the way the Canon fits in my hand, the KMZ3 just does not feel as comfortable for some reason. I think "Steve's"tech talkon the megapixal race should be reviewed carefully especially if you use low/med resolution formats. Certainly if the need is consistant 8x10 size images more pixels will help. Lastly compare the manufacture websites. I don't think Canon's is the best, but the current K/M is just terrible.


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