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Bobz1 Sep 28, 2003 4:52 PM

Z1 a good combination of digital and 35 mm
In my opinion minolta has done a good job of combining features of a 35 mm into a digital camera. It does require a bit of photography no how to get good shots but I think it's worth the work.

Is it a good novice point and shoot camera NO.

To get the really good shots you will need to draw upon the book and learn how to use the manual settings.

THe macro on this camera is awsome. It takes just as good as my 35 mm camera does if not better.

I do wish they would have either made a remote for it or some way of shooting the shots other than waiting 10 seconds for the auto timer.

By far I think the menu is the best I have ever used. It is soooo easy to figure out.

Battery wise I am still on my 1st set of energizers. Waiting for my new rechargables to get here along with my larger 256 mb card.

They should have sold the camera with a larger card to start with.

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