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darlene Jan 7, 2004 11:46 AM

z1 manual focus help
Blues are you there? :D
For those that didn't read my post before...I'm trying to shoot basketball pics of my daughter's last year in high school for a scrapbook!! Got some good info and am TRYING to put it to use.
Ok we had a game last night. Tried something different. Used Aperture Priority, iso 400, fill-flash. First used the tungsten setting and got very blue pictures (2 & 4) so changed it to auto and settled for the orangy cast. I tried to figure out the manual focus but didn't understand the bar??? so just used autofocus and got not-so-great pics. I think the ones at the tournament (my first album) were a little better taken at auto everything (sports mode) but that facility had top-notch lighting! I didn't use the flash most of the time there.
Anyway if you don't mind check out these pictures at - username "darlene_babygirl" password "ditzy". These new pics are "Loranger". I'm really trying to learn this. I even looked at all the settings (Image viewer) the camera used for each pic to see if there was a common something.
Anyway for my focus's very hard for my 43-year-old eyes to see if what I'm shooting is in focus on the basketball court so I wanted to use the bar on the LCD screen too. I don't understand it. It has 1m at the bottom then 2m in the middle and what is the symbol for "infinity" I guess at the top. So how do I know what distance I'm at? Or is it suppose to tell me?
HELP!! :shock:
PS. I used fill-flash instead of fill-flash with red eye. I guess that's why I got white eyes on some girls???


stephendickey Jan 7, 2004 2:43 PM

Darlene I had the same programme with my manual focus!! At first I understood it but didnt like it!

You should think of the bar as joined sections, each with a different scale ie, 0-1m may take up half the bar, while 1m-10m may be the remaining half of the bar. Consider these as 2 seperate sections.

First you should judge the approximate distance to your focal point or subject. Then locate the appropriate section of the bar on which this distance lies. For example, for a basketball player standing 5m away, you should look at the 1-10m section. You can now ignore the other sections of the bar.

Next step is to decide were to move the pointer on the bar to. For 5 metres you should place it just slightly above the half-way point of this section.
If this section was 1-20m on the LCD, you would put the pointer roughly 1/4 of the way up the scale!

This method is a little slow for sports! Prehaps before the game you could ask someone to stand at the basket for example. Once you had them in focus you could write down the approximate position of the pointer as shown on the LCD. This would allow you to switch focus a little quicker during the game!!

I know this sounds complicated, but with some practice it will become easy!!!



darlene Jan 7, 2004 3:28 PM

Thanks for quick response
if i remember correctly tho the top of the bar had a symbol like two zeros stuck together? Maybe my eyes couldn't see it right. maybe it was 20? if i'm 10 meters away and it has some strange symbol (infinity maybe?) how would I gage that? Sorry I'm still confused :oops:

stephendickey Jan 7, 2004 5:36 PM

Don't worry! My explanation left out the most important bit!!

Consider the section with the two zeros at the top (yes infinity) as a different section with a different technique to what is described above.

eg the camera shows 10m-infinity:

this means when the pointer is at 10m on the bar, a subject 10m from the camera will be in focus. When photographing something more than (in this case) 10m away, first move the pointer to the 10m mark, then move it towards the infinity mark and eventually your subject will come into focus!!!

Have you read the manual on the CD? I think it has a good section on the manual focus!



darlene Jan 7, 2004 8:51 PM

So it doesn't do what I was hoping then. I'm not real sure when something is in focus so I was hoping the bar would let me know the distance as a backup. Seems like I read that some cameras do. If I'm about 25 meters there's no way to estimate on the bar where 25 meters is between 2 and infinity! Ah, well. Sorry I'm so dense. This is my first camera with these features. I'm trying to graduate from my point and shoot HP310.
By the way - what CD? The only ones that came with my camera are the Dimage Viewer and the Video Impression CD's.

foffodc Jan 8, 2004 5:17 AM

I have just a suggestion. Read about DOF at:

stephendickey Jan 8, 2004 1:23 PM

There is a full manual in adobe pdf form on either the dimage viewer CD or on a seperate 3rd CD!!

I hope you find it because it is over 100 pages and well worth a read!



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